Having an impeccable presence is essential to offer an excellent corporate image. Cook’s work, although usually not carried out in the face of the public, requires impolite hygiene, especially in those cases where the restaurant offers a show cooking that allows customers to observe live the work of the chefs.

How To Clean Your Chef’s Hat Optimally

To clean the chef’s hat you have to use the same cleaning techniques that we would use with the rest of the uniform, such as jackets. Sweat or food stains should be treated beforehand, before taking care of general washing of the apron.

The first step of the ironing of the personalized apron of the chef’s hat: the secret of good ironing is to put the garment inside out so that the fabric does not suffer. Then, we will straighten the seam and, if necessary, iron it so that it is in the correct shape.

Ironing The Inside Of The Chef’s Hat

  • To iron the inside of the chef’s hat, it is best to stretch it to its natural positionand then put the iron inside. We will turn the hat with our hands as we have ironed areas. The movements must be circular and the most convenient is to press on the front of the plate, to achieve a more accurate result, since this will eliminate the deepest wrinkles without deforming or wrinkling the rest of the tissue.
  • Last touches of the ironing of the chef’s hat:the last step is to throw the starch and iron the sides so that we give the hat its characteristic shape. If it is necessary to review the seams with the iron we will do it to obtain a perfect result.
  • The most characteristic chef’s hat is the Velilla chef’s hat with a grid on the top. This is the typical chef’s hat with which we always associate the image of a chef.Care when washing and ironing this basic kitchen garment is essential to keep it in perfect condition.