Let’s talk a little about the characteristics of good work overall to work in a mechanical workshop.

A good work overall must be easy to put on and take off, it must offer protection to the clothes you wear underneath, and if that were not enough, its Velcro closures, zippers or buttons must be of great quality; to resist the rudeness of the work and the manipulation of the work overalls.

  • A good fabric: the work jumpsuit must be made of the most suitable textile to face the work during your profession. For example, a work overall that will be used in competitions must be highly flame retardant, that is; that protects you in cases of a fire, as do the work overalls used by firefighters.
  • In the case of a custom mechanic shirt, the degree of protection against fire should not be so high, more should be chosen for those of greater degree of perspiration and comfort of the fabric, as well as materials that grant durability, of course; all this without ever giving up protection.
  • The durability in this class of environments is highly valued, so it is recommended thick fabrics with a good fabric, which in turn allows perspiration, gives comfort and is ergonomic.
  • You should not sacrifice safety for comfort, that is; The overalls must have a degree of protection against combustion since a mechanical workshop is exposed to flammable liquids.
  • If you can opt for work shirts with reflective bands, it is a great extra that gives you greater security. Yes, a good monkey to work in a mechanic shop may have reflective bands, which will make you more visible.
  • The above is important if you do work on the road at night or in dimly lit places.
  • Have lots of pockets, with velcro closures if possible. A mechanic must carry heavy tools and pockets with good velcro fasteners that make your job easier.
  • The work overalls must be breathable. During work as physical and arduous as the one practised by the mechanic, garments that allow the correct perspiration of sweat and give you comfort and freshness are appreciated.