Experts in the electrical industry speak of a cable when it is laid as an underground cable in the ground and on the seabed. The most important attribute is that a wire remains unseen, whereas an overhead or high-voltage line shows up to everyone. A wire combines any number of conductors as well as, relying on the kind, is furnished with cord defense or guard. The core lines are encased in a shielding PVC sheath, designed for different mechanical anxiety degrees.

Accordingly, one talks of a cable if it is able to be seen. Strictly speaking, this also applies to a concealed installation cable because it leaves the wall and appears at the junction box, at a switch, or the consumer. Cables for outdoor cable protectors often consist of several individual cores, which are combined by a sheath. Sometimes, however, it is a matter of so-called overhead lines that occur with non-insulated conductors.

The numerous definitions available, however, differ in a few points. Some explanations refer to all power wires permanently installed in the house as cables and point out that use outdoors is not possible due to the inadequate insulation. The use of cables in distribution systems and control cabinets is also mentioned.

Regardless of any attempt at explanation, the term cable is used rather than the line in practice. The best examples of this are the cable drum, the cable connection, or the simple sentence: I’m going to buy a cable now. In all of the cases mentioned, following the definition given above, it should be called wire instead of cable. But who has ever heard of a cable reel or a cable connection? And if you want to buy a cable, you often come across salespeople who look incomprehensible.

On top of that, the policies of electric design advertisement ABSURDUM are usually made use of in communication and information technology. There are network cables, WLAN wires, HDMI wires, emergency alarm cable televisions, audio wires, and data cable televisions. Purely talking, every one of the products detailed would certainly be cable televisions, but the term cable has established itself gradually.