Car insurance is an essential aspect for every car owner, and it today’s times having a car has become somewhat necessary. Various brands have different models in the car market, and people choose the options that can help the user to enjoy the moments of the long drive and move anywhere quickly. However, before you take your car on the road, it is necessary to have the right insurance first. As per the government, there are different types of plans, among which the comprehensive car insurance plan from various insurance companies.

The companies have various insurance plans that one needs to check before going for any plan. The insurance companies have different add-ons in different plans, and accordingly, the user can choose the best plan for the car. Once you know about the kind of damages covered by the car insurance policies, it would get easier for you to pick the right option.

Here are the damages covered under the comprehensive car insurance plan.

  • Damage due to accident: Accident can ruin your car partially or totally. In many cases, due to accidents, the car is in such a condition that repairing the same can also prove to be quite costly. In The Comprehensive Plan, such all events and losses due to the same are covered, and hence the buyer of the plan need not worry about paying a significant amount.
  • Theft of car: In large cities, burglary of a car is not a new incident. In case the car is stolen even after taking all the precautionary measures, the insurance company covers the same in the comprehensive plan and provides the value of the car as per the IDV at the time of buying the comprehensive plan. 
  • Third-party loss: The third party is one who is not at all involved in the process of driving etc. One can count as the third party to anyone who may be a pedestrian on the road, a hawker, or even a shop at the corner of the road. In case of any damage from the car to any such person, the car owner has to bear the cost of such loss, and in this clause of third-party such damage is also covered.  
  • Damage because of natural disaster: During the natural disasters, vehicles face a lot of damage. In case of flood, earthquake, or collapse of a bridge, the car may get severely damaged. These are the acts that are not caused by people and hence considered as a act of God. The comprehensive car insurance plan covers damages due to such incidents also. In many cases, the damages also occur due to terrorist activities. These damages are also included in this plan. Still, the same cannot be considered as a result of natural disasters and hence cannot be discussed here.
  • Personal injury or death due to accident: In case of an unfortunate accident, one has to suffer from severe injuries; the comprehensive car insurance plan can cover the same. In case of death, also the nominee of the person gets the insurance claim under this plan.
  • Damage due to fire: Here, the fire can be due to two reasons. It covers the fire in which the vehicle is parked and thus gets damaged, or there is fire on the car, which damages it badly. In both cases, the comprehensive insurance plan can help the client get it covered and provide a claim amount for the same.

Looking at the features of the comprehensive car insurance plan, it can be termed as the most suitable one for the majority of the vehicle owners. Hence, they need to offer their vehicles such powerful protection only.