There are many restaurants in Sydney, but not all of them can be called amazing. We have created a list with the most popular and the most amazing places to eat that you should visit when you come to Australia’s largest city.

The list below contains both cheap eateries as well as more expensive restaurants with several options for each course – appetizers, main dishes and desserts. We hope that this list will help you find at least one restaurant where you will love your meal!    

Sydney Seafood Buffet

  The first stop on our list is Aria Buffet . It really is an amazing place with tons of choices, including desserts made using natural ingredients only. This is the cheapest stop on our list, and if you are in town with a tight budget, this is where you should come. It’s located at 8 Cambridge St , in the heart of Chinatown .

The second stop on our list is Pier , which serves European cuisine. The prices are slightly higher than at Aria Buffet (for example, pier fish will cost you $22), but it is definitely worth visiting for its amazing views over Darling Harbour . This place has an extensive wine selection as well.

        If you want something fancy when it comes to seafood, check out Sydney Seafood School . You can try different kinds of oysters or just enjoy some nice wine while taking in that view! It’s located right next to Pier , at 16 Hickson Rd .

            If you want to try some more traditional food, visit Woodforde’s . It’s very popular with business people looking for a place to conduct business meetings or just have drinks after work. This restaurant also has an extensive wine list and great burgers.  Expect to pay about $50-60 per person. The address is 1 Macquarie Place .

Next on our list is Piri Piri . It’s located in the heart of Sydney (12 Argyle St) and serves Portuguese cuisine that can impress even those who aren’t fans of it. Their menu includes salads filled with fresh vegetables as well as amazing prawns cooked in garlic sauce, which you should definitely try.

Finally, if you want some really special experience of the orient, visit the Tetsuya’s restaurant . It’s located on 199 Druitt St and has so far had more than 24 awards. The menu consists mostly of fish with an impressive wine list to go along with it.  You can expect to pay about $100 per person when visiting this amazing place.

        If you find yourself in Sydney during Christmas time, try Toastface Grillah , a burger joint that will make you feel like having breakfast for your dinner! Expect to be served by guys wearing Christmas hats! Located at Shop 4/ 343 King st .      

           An honorable mention goes out to Icebergs Dining Room & Bar . Since it’s located on the famous Bondi Beach , its view is stunning. You can enjoy your meal at one of their outdoor or indoor tables, watching all the people passing by. The menu has a wide selection of fish, salads and meat dishes with wine starting from about $80 per person.

        Finally, if you are in town for some shopping spree, make sure to visit Blue Eye Dragon . It’s located at 674 Pitt St Mall and is mostly visited by young business people looking for something quick and tasty after work to boost their energy levels. It serves very popular dumplings as well as sushi rolls filled with different kinds of ingredients, so take your time browsing through the menu before making any decision!

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