If you are confused about whether you should go for a MacBook or not you are in the right place. MackBook doesn’t creak like budget laptops. It looks like Apple has managed to fit tiny computer components inside a solid slab of metal and that is the appeal of holding a MacBook. In this article, Reviews explains why MacBooks are considered an investment rather than a purchase.

The Reasons

  1. A sleek body – You feel an enormous difference between holding a regular laptop and a MacBook. Much lesser in weight and thickness, the sleek body of a MacBook gives it a cool look. They boast of a vastly improved keyboard, superb speakers, thinner bezels, and powerful graphics card. 

  1. Top-quality hardware – People who own a MacBook realize why Apple engineers are most respected in the industry. They have put their soul into creating a device so perfect and so flawless that even after using the device for more than a year, the premium quality hardware functions as if you had just bought it yesterday. The well-balanced keyboard, force touch trackpad, sharp display, and color accurateness never diminishes even with the passage of time. 

  1. Top-quality software – Apple is known to provide regular updates of their software on all their devices each year. The efficacy of Apple is so much that it wouldn’t be wrong to say that owning a MacBook gives you the feel that a computer is customized according to your requirements. Easy to access and simple in design, macOS provides all the tools you need for the completion of your work. 

The most unique feature of the MacBook is the total integration of hardware and software. When you know that the same company is making the computer and its operating system, you can be sure that the hardware is optimized to run at its full potential.

  1. Lifetime possession – When you buy a MacBook, you own it for a lifetime. Unless you encounter an accident that damages the device, it can last you for a couple of years due to the superior build quality. You may find it expensive but if you take into consideration the number of years it is going to serve you, it may just be around $18 to $20 a month. Quite affordable. Isn’t it?

  1. Resale value – While most laptops have almost no resale value after a couple of years, you are quite likely to sell a MacBook at almost half of its purchase price even after a few years. With a guarantee of top-notch hardware and software that provides a great performance and user interface, your MacBook never goes out of demand. 

  1. Compatibility with iPhone – MacBook also has the ability to use most of your iPhone app on the Mac. In other words, you can still receive text messages on your MacBook even if your iPhone is not with you. This comes as a great help in educational institutions and workplaces where phones may not be allowed.


According to Reviews, most people associate MacBook with a superior brand. That is the main advantage it offers as it makes you look more professional and sincere.