Existence insurance can enjoy a huge role in business succession plan. Following are the common ways that existence insurance could be integrated with lots of the various tools, techniques, and techniques generally utilized in business succession planning.

Estate Liquidity. Some business proprietors will hold back until dying to transfer any many of their business interests to a number of their kids. When the business proprietor includes a taxed estate, existence insurance can offer the kids finding the business the money necessary to allow them to pay estate taxes. Using existence insurance (of an irrevocable trust) to pay for estate taxes is especially helpful to business proprietors because business interests can’t be readily liquidated. Existence insurance is another much simpler (and fewer costly) option to deferring estate taxes under IRC Section 6166. The kids finding the business might also need existence insurance to pay for estate taxes in their deaths. Typically, the insurance plan is going to be of an irrevocable existence insurance trust so the beneficiaries will get the dying proceeds both earnings and estate-tax-free.

Estate Equalization. An entrepreneur may use existence insurance to supply individuals children who aren’t active in the business with equitable treatment. Departing the company towards the active children and existence insurance (of an irrevocable trust) towards the inactive children equalizes the inheritances among all the children. Additionally, it avoids the requirement for the active children to buy the interests from the inactive children – possibly at any given time once the business might be not able to pay for it. With respect to the particular details and conditions, the insurance coverage might be of an irrevocable trust for the advantage of the inactive children, and also the insured(s) could be the business proprietor or even the business proprietor and the spouse.

Buy-Sell Contracts. A correctly designed buy-sell agreement can promise an industry and fair cost for any deceased, disabled or withdrawing owner’s business interest ensure control of the company through the surviving or remaining proprietors and hang the need for the company interest for estate-tax purposes. Existence insurance coverage is the easiest method to supply the cash essential for the company or even the surviving proprietors to buy a deceased owner’s interest. In most cases, the money surrender value inside a existence insurance plan may also be used tax-free (by surrendering to basis and borrowing the surplus) to assist pay for life acquisition of a company owner’s interest.

Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans. A nonqualified deferred compensation (“NQDC”) plan may be used by a small company to supply people from the senior generation with dying, disability, and/or retirement benefits. An NQDC plan might be particularly helpful in individuals situations in which the senior people have transitioned the company towards the junior people and aren’t receiving any compensation in the business. An NQDC plan’s also helpful to make sure that key employees remain using the business throughout the transition period – a so-known as golden handcuff. Because existence insurance offers tax-deferred cash value growth and tax-free dying benefits, it’s the most widely used vehicle for “informally” funding NQDC plan liabilities.