Are you tired of searching for different recipes for making cocktails? Do you just want to make a special yet unique cocktail drink? 

Well! You just have landed on the right path. You can make a simple but unique cocktail drink from this amazing cocktail recipe [สูตรค็อกเทล, which is the term in Thai] if you follow the procedure carefully. You can enjoy this drink with your friends and colleagues at a gathering. 

The great pumpkin cocktail 

 This drink tastes completely different from the other cocktail drinks in the same variation. Your taste buds will receive a completely new flavor after sipping this drink. This drink is very delicate and you have to reserve time to make it.  Pumpkin is used in this drink but you can enjoy it very much if you’re a pumpkin hater.  You have to prepare the scotch before making the cocktail. 

What do you need to prepare pumpkin scotch? 

You need only sugar and salt along with your favorite brand of scotch whiskey to make this blend. Most importantly, you need a medium size pumpkin for this whiskey blend. 

The process 

You have to cut the pumpkin into small pieces and add sugar and salt to it. Then you have to place the pieces of pumpkin on a baking platform and roast it for 20 minutes. After the roast, you need to place the roasted pieces in the bottle of whiskey and store it for about 48 hours. 

What do you need to prepare the cocktail?

  • Pumpkin  scotch (1 ounce)
  • Maple syrup (½ ounce)
  • Ginger liqueur (1 ounce)
  • Lemon juice (½ ounce)
  • Cinnamon for garnishing  

The process 

You have to take a cocktail shaker and take all the ingredients together. You need to fill it with ice in it. You need to shake it for about 2 minutes. Now, strain the drink into a glass and splash some cinnamon dust over the top. 

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