Statement chandeliers and lighting fixtures not just illuminate your home but also add a luxurious appeal to the entire house. Whether you a spiral structure to your staircase or a big crystal chandelier extending from the ceiling of your top floor, chandeliers can greatly accentuate the aesthetics and décor of a house.

However, when we start our search for that one piece of chandelier that will perfectly blend with our home décor, we are often left confused with the extent of materials, shapes, and looks that are available in the stores. The store owner talks about different types of crystal cuts and materials used in the design and you have no idea which one to choose.

This is why it is important to gather some knowledge in advance by going through some guides and lighting blog so that we have a basic idea about the look of chandelier that we want for our home. Blogs by Sofary are the right place for you to attain all sorts of knowledge regarding different lighting fixtures, how they are manufactured, and the technologies that are used in the manufacturing process.

Crystal chandeliers – Based on type of crystal used

Some of the most stunning pieces of chandeliers are made out of the following crystals in different cuts and designs:

  1. K9 Chinese crystal
  2. This glass crystal contains 9% concentration of lead, hence the name K9.
  3. It is basically an optical borosilicate crystal glass that is easy to cut at different angles.
  4. This optical crystal is also free from scratches and bubbles and has an unsurpassed clarity that other crystal forms lack.
  5. The lower lead content of this crystal also makes it light weight and thus can be used without the fear of falling of chandelier owing to its weight.
  6. Its high refractive index also makes it shinier and brighter.
  7. It is the best buy when you are looking for a luxurious looking piece at an affordable price.
  8. Swarovski
  9. These are sharp machine-cut Australian crystals that are coated to enhance the durability.
  10. The lead content of these crystals is very high, approximately 30%.
  11. These crystals have sharp facets and can be found in different colors as well.
  12. On the flip side, Swarovski crystal chandeliers are usually expensive.
  13. Gemcut
  14. These Egyptian crystals are very popular for the shimmer it provides to the entire chandelier.
  15. With a high lead content, they look flawless and very luxurious.
  16. The flip side to gemcut crystals is that they are high maintenance and need frequent cleaning to keep them shining.
  17. Handcut
  18. These are the most ancient form of crystals and are also called as regal crystals.
  19. These crystals are cut using traditional means with sandstone and iron followed by marble dust polishing.
  20. There could be issues with inaccuracy in cuts and wheel marks being visible in these crystals which makes it somewhat less popular.
  21. These are on an expensive side too.
  22. Venetian crystal
  23. These crystals are molded, cut, and polished using fire which gives them an amazing shine and clarity.
  24. These Italian crystals are beautiful and are very affordable and are used in creating stunning pieces of chandeliers.

You can decide upon the type of crystal based on your personal preference, technology it can support, specific designs, and your budget. Keeping all these factors in mind, you can choose a stunning piece of lighting for your home that will definitely leave your guests awestruck.