When the special day approaches, you need to plan a few weeks before that to make sure that you are not going to miss anything. Throwing a party at your home is not an easy task especially when you have to face challenges of space. It is a great idea to plan things well before time as this will make you able to stay in your budget. The biggest benefit of planning on time is that you will get to know what things are not important and you can then exclude them from the list. There is no harm in arranging everything a month ago so when time is near, you need not to rush to markets and pay higher rates. Costumes are the most expensive thing in this plan and arranging your costumes from online stores can save you a good amount of money because they are usually selling them at quite lower rates as compared to the local markets. 

Food, drinks and other edibles! 

On any festival, this is the stuff which is remembered and it should be pretty good. In Halloween, costumes and foods are equally important because both can be designed in scary objects to increase the horror fun. You can especially decorate the appetizers in different scary shapes because doing this to larger food items will consume more time and your energy. There are certain things that you can add to your food list which will increase the menu without adding a lot of cost to your overall plan. 

Follow the theme: 

Whenever you follow a particular theme in any party, you bring a harmony and save money. Yes this is surprising how you can save money by merely following a theme. Well, when you are following particular colors and other patterns, you can buy them in bulk and bulk purchase always attract greater discounts. It will depend on the size of your party how much you can save through same color patterns. It is usually a nice idea to decorate the walls in two tones. 


Invitations can be spooky as well. If you spend a little time in designing these invitations yourself, you can add a lot of creativity in that and this is how you can bring real fun. Invitee will feel privileged and this has become a great sign of showing love to send personalized invitations. 

Used items and DIY ideas:

If you want to cut down the budget, do not buy everything brand new. There are a lot of things in home that can be re used especially for such a purpose. After the party, most of the decorative things will be a full waste and you would not be able to re-use them because they would have permanent colors on them, therefore it is better to use old clothes and items to create these decorations for Halloween 2019. Using DIYstuff is also trending, it does not only let you save some bucks but makes you able to enjoy the specially designed stuff which you cannot buy from the market.