Many cricket matches are going on every day. We watch a cricket match to enjoy and fun if our favorite team wins the game, we feel happy and enjoy more. In this time, a tradition of match predicting is taking place rapidly. Cricket lovers anticipate the game to enjoying and earning money. You can receive a lot of money from the prediction of cricket. There are various cricket apps on which we can invest the rupees on our favorite team and make today match prediction.

  • Choose your favorite team

Here, you see lots of cricket teams of different-different countries are playing cricket such as Indian, Australian, West Indies, England cricket team, and many more teams are there. You have to choose the best, and a favorite team which team you think can win the match. Predict the side which is strong and you believe will perform well in the cricket match.

  • Choose your favorite player

Along with choosing the favorite team, you can select the ideal player for today match prediction. Here, people can predict which player will score the maximum run in a match. It is based on your understanding and experience of the cricket to forecast more efficiently.

  • Top 5 cricket prediction apps

Lots of apps are available on which you can predict the winner of your favorite team. Here, you can select which player will score much run than others. You have the opportunity to choose many players at one time. We can choose the bowler of the day, catcher of the day, fielder of the day, and many more. All things related to our choices to choose the players and teams.

  • Dream11

Dream11 is an excellent imaginary cricket platform, which is an India based app. If there is a cricket match today, then this platform allows you to make your fantasy team. You can select the players who are playing in the real cricket match. Here, you can make the captain of the team according to the previous match performance.

  • Oye Captain

It is a fantasy cricket platform that gives you the real enjoyment of the cricket match. Millions of cricket lovers use this app to enjoy the real world of cricket. Here you can predict the match and win the money.

  • Myteam11

Myteam11 is also an excellent platform to predict the cricket match. You get the opportunity to predict the winner of the team with the other lot of peoples. Most of the cricket lovers love this app because of the features the app is providing.

  • NRL Fantasy

Cricket is a growing sport worldwide, the users of playing fantasy cricket emerging rapidly. It is a fantastic app that gives you the best enjoy of cricket on your phone. The features of the app help you in today match prediction for a fruitful result.  

  • Fanmojo

Fanmojo is also an excellent application for the today match prediction. Make your team by choosing the favorite players and make real-time money.