2020 was a difficult year, to say the least with some businesses losing everything due to forced shutdowns and violence.  Many people lost their lives while others lost their livelihoods.

The perfect storm of a pandemic, social upheaval, and political division created some unexpected winners and losers.  Real estate is taking a hard hit because businesses are realizing that their workforce can work from home and they simply do not need all the office space.  With the mass exodus from urban areas to less densely populated suburbs, residential real estate in the nation’s cities is also taking a hit.

The winners?  The businesses that pressed onduring the pandemic assumed that there would be a rebounding effect; they are optimistic about the future, despite the present chaos and uncertainty.

The possibility of a return to demand for their goods and services to the pre-pandemic robust economy, combined with the loss of failed competitors throughout the year is making the survivors more confident and optimistic about the future.  Those who were pessimistic about the future of their business have ceased marketing and growthefforts while those who were more optimistic have not only continued their efforts, but many have redoubled them.

One such effort is search engine optimization (or SEO).  SEO is a process that convinces Google to rank one website higher than other sites for specific search terms.  Getting to page 1 in Google search engine result pages is the goal since the vast majority of searchers never gobeyond the first page when searching.  It takes time and money and a pessimistic outlook would dictate that SEO is not worth the time and money right now.  Companies that suspended their SEO campaigns during the difficult 2020 year have found their rankings declining; they lost their investment in SEO.  Those who stayed in the game not only protected their investment, but they also saw improvement in their rankings.An online marketing company in NJ can help with this, even during a pandemic.

To learn how your marketing decisions can be guided by cautious optimism, check out this infographic from Landau Consulting, an SEO and internet marketing company in NJ.

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