There are delicious pizza, tasty sushi, and tasty burger around in hotels and restaurants but there are many delicious Cannabis restaurants that provide online dispensary also. Here today I am talking about some most famous Cannabis restaurants which are also delicious and amazing in taste. These restaurants are only situated in countries or states where the use of ganja is legalized. Products used in restaurants come from an online dispensary. All products of Cannabis restaurants are made of weed extracts after its purification. Purification in the restaurant business is much necessary to maintain the health of customers.

Cannabis cafe: –

This famous cafe is located USA (Hollywood). It’s an open restaurant which gave entry only to adults. Very delight full and beautiful restaurants in the USA. Cannabis cafe gives the vibe of jungle inside the restaurant because it is covered with green plants all over the wall and it looks beautiful. There is a lot of special order which you can buy today something good. Some special orders like chicken wings, THC tea, weed edibles etc. not only this thing cafe also provides pizza, burger, juice, pancakes, and many more. After the mail restaurant can provide to vape or smoke it according to your choice and concern.

Kaya herb house

This restaurant is situated in Jamaica which is also the birthplace of Bob Marley. Their main slogan for the website is weed is used for medical purposes for a very long time and it is not harmful. Weed can cure much mental and body. This restaurant provides delicious gummies and cookies for its customers. You can buy these gummies and cookies from their online dispensary. Kaya herb house is the first Cannabis-based restaurant for customers. Here ganja is legalized and used as a weapon to fight against discrimination and economical problem. Marley Coffee is very famous for this restaurant.

Blowfish restaurant: –

This Cannabis-based restaurant buys products from the online dispensary and it is very famous in South Africa especially in Cape Town. You can have a beautiful evening there. Because they are specialized their meals, you can taste any meal from there and you will find it delicious. It is situated near the Atlantic Ocean which gave it a beautiful view of Cannabis-based products. Online dispensary provides them THC, CBD, and other extracts in the purest form to make dishes from it.

Greenhouse kitchen: –

Greenhouse kitchen is situated in the Netherland and it provides every demand of Cannabis lovers. You will be surprised when you come to know that the greenhouse kitchen cannot sell Cannabis in Amsterdam. In Netherland only licensed Cannabis-based coffee shops can sell or buy weed. They usually buy weed from an online dispensary. If they don’t sell weed it doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy your Cannabis product there. It is allowed to use your weed there and you can smoke or ingest it there. Dry herb vape and special orange juice are their special orders.

You can visit all of them and enjoy your cannabis delicious trip with these fabulous restaurants and can give feedback also if needed.