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Today cloth bags have become the most popular alternative to the use of plastic and paper bags. They are environment-friendly and satisfies the values of the environmentally conscious customer. They have a reasonable price range. They are reusable which eventually outweighs the cost of buying them.

Let’s explore some of the major advantages of using cloth bags.

Below are the major benefits that cloths bags have over plastic one:

  1. ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLINESS: natural fibers such as cotton, hemp or jute are renewable sources unlike materials like propylene. Propylene is used to make plastic bags and it is manufactured from non-renewable fossil fuels. Not to mention that the manufacturing of plastic bags releases pollutants into the environment. The final product is non – biodegradable for millions of years rings the final buzzer towards environmental degradation. On the other hand, cloth bags are woven from plant-based threads making them biodegradable.
  2. STRENGTH: The natural fibers used in making cloth bags makes them thicker and stronger. They can handy for they can hold a larger number of items. They are much more durable than plastic bags.
  3. STYLE: plastic bags that are generally transparent and might sometimes have a logo of the shop or brand don’t make much of a style statement, do they? However, cloth bags come in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes that can be printed to match the style of the user.

Shop for cloth bags online in Thailand.

Saving the environment and making a style statement now that’s called getting two birds with one stone. Well, jute bags are such amazing and versatile accessories to add to your collection. There is an option online to get personalized cloth bags such as the tote bag manufactured by 12Tees in Thailand. They have varieties of environment-friendly products. Make sure to check their website for more information.