Several reasons contribute to the popularity of web series over movies. When the Covid-19 crisis led to the shutdown of theatres, people found their source of entertainment in web series. Several OTT platforms like aha, which streams excellent HD fullTelugu movies, offered mind-blowing web series content. It led people to sit up and take notice and made them its fans because of the storylines that were way apart from the usual league of films and TV serials.

Web series invokes your interest more than movies. They are released in seasons, with each season comprising 8-10 episodes. The story and the premise of a web series are so gripping that people are ready to stay up all night only to watch the entire season at one go.

Movies are too long, and TV serials are too short, based on the number of advertisements that are telecast in between. On the other hand, a web series is of the perfect length – most of them are ad-free also.

While movies and TV serials require you to be present at a predefined time, web series offers you the freedom to watch them as and when you like at your convenience.

As highlighted earlier, web series are released in seasons. As such, they keep the fire burning inside you, unlike the case of movies where you hardly look forward to the sequel.

Aha is one such OTT platform that offers a plethora of entertaining web series, movies, and chat shows. It is an on-demand video streaming platform meant exclusively for the Telugu audience. Its excellent streaming services and a vast collection of online content across different genres make it a popular and must-have OTT platform for all.

Today’s section features the 2 most popular web series in 2021 that are now streaming on Aha.

  1. KothaPoradu

The web series KothaPoradu is about Raju (Anvesh Michael), a carefree youth who has become trouble for his parents. His dad Istharayya (Sudhakar Reddy), is no less and has multiple wives. Istharayya owes a lot of money to people that Raju now needs to repay. Raju is in love with his childhood sweetheart Nagma; however, he has an ongoing feud with Nethi Rajesh (Raj Tirandasu). The remainder of the web series shows how Raju comes out of his problems to unite with his childhood love.

KothaPoradu deserves a watch because of its natural performances, the right blend of emotions and fun, and its gripping, realistic nature.

  1. Sin

The story of Sin revolves around Anand (Thiruveer), who works in a women empowerment cell. He is a perverted guy who marries Nandita (Deepti Sati) only to satisfy his physical lust. However, Nandita soon comes to know of his evil intentions. Things take an ugly turn when Nina (JenifferPiccinato), not knowing that Anand is married, falls for him. Little did Nina realize what was going on in Anand’s mind. What happens after that, and what turn does the love triangle take, forms the story of Sin.

Sin is a must-watch web series with all its feel-good moments and impressive performances, especially by the lead cast.

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