Long hair in men appeared during the reign of emperors. Then they wore wigs.

Until the mid-twentieth century, men walked with short-cut hair. In the 1950s, the singer Elvis Presley became very famous, who contributed to the fashion for men’s hairstyles. This became a very popular styling that men began to create for themselves not going to Midtown Barbershops.

The next decade, men finally decided to grow curls and wear voluminous hairstyles.

Today, hairdressers make out long hair very handsomely and effectively. Even a man in a senior position can have a similar hairstyle. And all because the rebellious or informal style with long hair remained far in the past, now it is relevant and stylish.

Any hairstyle is determined by the shape of a person’s face. Long men’s haircuts are no exception. They can favourably emphasize the general image of a man or spoil it.

What haircut is required for each type of face? Men with a square face are advised by professionals to cut their whiskeys shortly, and leave the strands on the top of their heads medium length. Such a haircut styling will allow you to round the top of the head. The triangular face will help to create elongated multilayer hairstyles. Strands, which fall down the face, will smooth the wide upper part of the face. A sharp chin can hide facial hair. Hairstyle for long hair will contribute to edit the elongated face. A cascade-style haircut with its roughness and ragged edges will hide the imperfections in the shape of the face. For men with a round face, a long hairstyle is also acceptable, but on condition that it will be styled up. Otherwise, the length will add extra volume, making the appearance complete. Any haircut is suitable for the oval shape of the face, but straight long hair will emphasize cheekbones.

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