Having natural light, ventilation, views, and extra space are just some of the benefits of having a patio. Its role is fundamental in home design and there are many benefits. How you are going to design your perfect patio is going to affect the overall design of your garden. The design of a patio acts as the link or connection point in your landscape between the interior of your house and that of your garden. Find out here patio design ideas and know how to get the most out of it.

Plan the layout with an overall idea

It allows you to utilize the space to achieve visual order, as well as to make better use of the surface. Another possibility is to divide the patio into two levels. Thus, you can create a meeting or dining space integrated into the set. At the other end you can leave an area of ​​plants. Use French doors or large aluminum glass panels for better design.

Condition it in a basic way

The advice is to leave it at least clean and tidy so that the view from the inside does not condemn you. What is most ugly is the pavement. Level the ground and fill it with gravel or with pebbles. If you are looking for an affordable option, you can use dry pavers, quartzite, slate, wood, porous concrete, or porcelain. The choice of flooring depends on the surface of the patio. Another possibility is to lay granite pavers.

Reduces the view of dividing walls

The most effective and impressive is the vegetation. You only need to create an earthen bed attached to the wall. Depending on the size of the patio or its shape, you can play with this layout by giving it greater depth at the angles with a sinuous silhouette, which will also help to energize the visuals.

Limit the aerial dimension of the space

Do it especially if you live on a ground floor. One option is to create a wooden or steel structure to support a translucent closure that allows you to use the space with greater privacy. Bamboo, wicker, heather, wooden slats, blinds or roller blinds can be used. Another possibility is a system that gives you a more waterproof closure, adjustable aluminum slats.

Bet on an awning

By means of an awning you get privacy and solar protection for the facade and the pavement. To cover a large space, folding awnings are very appropriate, which you can also divide into several sections. Another possibility is the roller awnings and those with invisible arm, more appropriate for smaller patios. The ideal height for the fences that surround a patio is determined according to several parameters.

Create circuits

If you are going to reform a house between party walls, use the patio as a design tool. You will get more personal environments, besides reducing electricity consumption. Use Foyr Neo 3D design tool to get an idea of how your patio will look like once finish designing. Equip the patio with fixed and weather-resistant furniture, such as masonry or iron benches. Hire a professional landscaping designer or an architect to execute the project.