So many UPS users often desire to know the best way to maintain or increase their UPS capacity. Some have asked if multiple UPS connections of small units can boost the power or increase its time. Ordinarily, this idea may not look bad, but from a professional look, it is not advisable. Such actions will also breach company warranty packages should any issue arise from it.

The idea of combining multiple UPS units to increase power is a misconception. Each UPS unit, like the Jupiter td 10 kva, has a limited Watt measure and does not give more than that. Adding a second UPS produces additional outlets but not watt. If a UPS  detects a steeped sine wave, it interprets it as negative power, which is what most UPS systems emit relying on battery power.

When there is a power outage, the first UPS automatically switches to battery use emitting a stepped sine wave. When the second UPS unit interprets this wave as negative energy, it also converts to using battery power, thereby, increasing no watt or battery capacity.

Notably also is that running multiple connections, that wires used could cause a hazard when it interferes with the working of the Emergency Power Off(EPO). This, in turn, can leave some devices running when the EPO is already tripped.

Achieving Runtime Increase In UPS

To achieve a longer running time for small UPS units like the Mercury Diamond Smart, different manufacturing companies have and offer external battery outlets that provide a sizeable increase in run time.

Again, it would be best to leave the UPS units connected to its power source by connecting other devices to their separate UPS systems.

In a scenario where increasing power capacity is the aim, diverse UPS systems can be connected in a parallel form. This is in no way similar to the multiple or daisy connections because each UPS unit here is plugged into its power source. There is also an information bridge that allows multiple UPS units to understand and synchronize sine waves to remain. Not all UPS systems, however, can be installed in a parallel format.  The three-phase UPS devices are what is installed in parallel form.