Instagram was developed by Kevin Systrom and launched in October 2010, intending to share photos and videos on an online platform. But before the Instagram was officially launched, its prototype was invested that was named Burbn because he loved bourbons. The use of Instagram was uploading and sharing of images, but it extended to so much more later on. People are now obsessed with its feature, and its users are increasing continuously. It comes with every feature that a person can think of, from stories to videos to highlights. The users of Instagram are growing day by day due to the current global crisis.

Five extremely apt reasons to use Instagram are:

  1. Search people: If you had a childhood friend whom you have now no link with, Instagram is a platform of joining people from across the globe. Anyone can search for their desired person by either knowing his full name or by his username identity of Instagram. It properly performs its function of connecting people and making our social lives more bearable. You can follow your searched person, and chances are they may follow you back. It increases a sense of feel-good hormones in our brain and keeps us relatively satisfied.
  2. Engage in tools: There are various features accessible over Instagram, such as filters, stories, highlights, IGTV, direct messages, and many more. It keeps the user engaged in a monotonous day and providing him utmost social pleasure. Along with it, the filters have a wide variety of vintage and glittery effects that are very eye-catchy. It makes Instagram more fun to use.
  3. Profile conversion: If you have a personal account and want to make it visible to other random users, you can change its setting to a business account or brand. Users widely do it for showcasing and selling their business products. A fast way of increasing your followers is to buy instagram followers at a minimum possible price. Also, it is used to maximize your brand’s sales by connecting a large social media platform o earn money. It is not wrong to say that offline business dealers have now gathered on Instagram and using this as much as possible to gain more profits.
  4. Stories and highlights: It is the recently added feature on Instagram to upload stories in your profile that will be visible for 24 hours. The user can view the followers who have watched his account. If he wants to make the story visible for more than 24 hours, he can save that story in the form of highlight. The highlighted circle will be shown at the top of his profile.

Conclusion: Therefore, we can say that using Instagram is an excellent idea for staying away from a dull environment, and engaging yourself in social media activities. It keeps the negativity at bay but keeps yourself aware of the facts that do not follow any negative or low energy page that drain your energy and provoke negative thoughts.