The educational system in America

The educational system in the United States follows a similar pattern for other countries, represented in several stages, which are: [1]

Early childhood: This is the stage that precedes kindergarten.

Primary stage.

Middle or junior high.

Secondary or high school.

Post-secondary level: i.e. college, vocational centers, or technical schools.

The role of the Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education occupies an important position in the decision to issue most of the policies related to education at the local level, where the government is considered to have a limited role in education, and for this the Ministry of Education contributes to several matters, including: [1]

Provide financial aid for education.

Collect data and report on American schools.

Ban discrimination and ensure equality in education for all.

Improve the teaching process and teacher performance.

America’s Role in Graduate Studies

The United States is one of the most countries that receive international students from all over the world, as the percentage of students in it is about 1,000,000 students. It is noteworthy that 5% of all higher education students in the United States are international students, and the process of increasing international students enrolled in education has started. The highest in America since 1950 AD, when they numbered about 35,000 students, and the numbers have been increasing since then. [2]

Benefits of studying in America

The American university degree is considered one of the strongest certificates, as it enhances professional opportunities, and the American study is characterized by the ability to learn the individual’s nuances in the English language very easily, and enhances the integration of the individual in American culture, in addition to contributing to academic excellence, and gaining practical experience in the field of study, Studying in America also gives students the opportunity to experience new cultures, learn distinctive ideas, and free the mind to discover the global community. [3]

Academic excellence

The United States is considered one of the most prestigious university systems in the world, as it contains distinguished programs in all fields. For example, at the bachelor’s level, many distinguished programs are available in traditional specialties and professional specialties, and at the level of graduate studies, the student has the opportunity to work directly in the field of study Therefore, the American testimony was recognized all over the world because of its distinction. [4]

The best states of America to study and live

North Amarica

The State of the United States of America and its main capital, Washington, is located between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, to the south of Canada, and in northern Mexico, and it occupies the third position among the countries of the world in terms of an area of ​​about 9.83 million square kilometers, and includes fifty states, where 48 One of them is within the American borders, and it shares borders with each other, in addition to the separate state of Alaska, which does not share its borders with any other state, as it is located in the northwestern part of the North American continent, in addition to the island of Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean.[5]

What distinguishes the State of America from other countries is the ethnic, cultural and religious diversity in it. We find in it the Africans, Spaniards and Asians in addition to the Arabs, because it was receiving many immigrants on its soil from different countries of the world, except for the countries that tried to colonize the land after having It was discovered, it was the beginning with the American Indians, then the Spaniards, the last of which was the British colonial rule, which was able to independence from it in the year 1776 AD. It is worth noting that America today is considered the greatest country among the countries, especially in the field of economy and weapons.[6]

The best states of America to study

Massachusetts: It contains the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is the seat of many research and scientific studies, including more than 60 scholars who won the Nobel Prize, in addition to the Williams College, which brings together in its educational system teaching methods used in Cambridge and Oxford, except for the Amherst College But the most important university in it, which ranks first among American universities, is Harvard University, from which many scholars and innovators such as Mark Zuckerberg graduated.

Connecticut: which includes Yale University that has graduated 5 American presidents, as well as many other scientists and dignitaries.

New Jersey: which includes Princeton University which is one of the best American universities and was founded in the year 1746 AD, and was among the universities that graduated many Nobel Prize-winning scholars, and it is worth noting that the American President Woodrow Wilson graduated from it, and that Albert Einstein He was taught there.

California: which includes all of Stanford University, which produced many scientists and thinkers, the most important of which was the creator of the search engine Google, Yahoo and others, in addition to the California Institute of Technology, which is called Caltech, which came out many award-winning scientists. [5]


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