Every single person on the planet has to deal with one of the most annoying things when they’re out of their country – geographical restrictions imposed on their favorite shows, whether it’s Netflix or some other streaming platform. This particularly applies to people who want to watch Se Svensk TV while abroad.

Today we’re going to talk about how to trick these geo-blocks into believing you are actually not a ‘foreigner’, which will allow you to easily continue watching your favorite shows and episodes.

Why is Swedish TV locked when you’re out of the country?

The Svensk TV utomlands is literally unavailable as soon as you cross the border, so you can’t even access it on your own laptop while staying in a hotel, let alone a PC or your smartphone. In short words, streaming platform owners need to purchase licenses (which cost thousands of dollars) to stream certain shows in certain areas.

Shows are often aired as ‘pilots’, and based on the reaction of the audience, the companies purchase the licenses for full streaming (as opposed to limited streaming of only a couple of episodes). Obviously enough, people in different parts of the globe respond differently to certain shows, which is why some are ‘popular’ and others ‘shunned’.

Is it possible to access any kind of content while abroad?

Technically speaking, you will always be able to watch local streams and channels. The downside of it is that you probably won’t understand a single thing, as most shows are either dubbed or subtitled in the language of the country you are in. This makes it almost impossible for Swedes to enjoy The Bridge, Jordskott, Solsidan, Fallet, or Angelby.

How do TV Providers shut down your access to TV shows?

Geo-blocks work in a relatively simple way – the IP addresses (and GPS from your smart phone or other devices) you use while you are abroad can easily be linked to your actual location, and finding your personal information based on the place you are staying in is a piece of cake.

Once the big eye in the sky has found you, your ‘virtual profile’ will go through a certain filter which separates the locals from foreigners. While the locals can enjoy unobstructed access to almost all streams and TV shows, foreigners are not.

How can I watch Swedish streams and TV shows online?

Apart from having the opportunity to illegally download certain episodes of your favorite shows or searching for not-so-reliable proxies, one of the best ways to actually watch Swedish television programs and shows is by subscribing to a Virtual Private Network.

Simply put, VPNs are the simplest, easiest way of bypassing so-called geographical restrictions, as they come packed with a plethora of features, including rugged encryptions, dynamic IP addresses, dead-switch buttons, and all kinds of convenient settings.

There are numerous providers on the market, so you might as well browse through to see what they have to offer. All providers offer different services at different prices.