Note that the mobile phone will be reset to the factory settings, i.e., Performing a factory reset will erase all content that we have on our device, which was not pre-installed by LG when we first turned on the phone. This means that our Google accounts, e-mail accounts, and their applications, all personalized settings of the system and applications, and of course all downloaded applications as well as the music, pictures, or videos that we have created and that are deleted will be deleted. In the internal memory, even in Tutorial to reset a LG Stylo 4 LM-Q710MS.

First Method: With The Mobile Phone Switched On.

At this point, we are ready to restore, and factory reset our LG phone. We have two methods for doing this. The first operation is done with the mobile phone turned on, and we need to go to Settings / General / Backup / Reset. These menus may vary slightly depending on the model. Once inside, click on Restore Factory Data. Then we click on Restart phone and confirm the selection.

Second Method: With The Mobile Phone Switched Off.

The second method is performed while the computer is starting up by executing a key combination. In this case, it should also be considered that this process is not standard but depends on the model we have or even the version of Android. However, for the most popular and newest LG models, the procedure is as follows:

With the phone turned off, press and hold the volume down key and the Power key simultaneously. We wait for the LG logo to appear and immediately release the power button without releasing the volume button. Then we press it again and hold it down. When the factory reset screen appears, we have to let go of all buttons.

Then we can go up or down with the volume buttons and mark the option “Yes,” which is confirmed with the power button. Again we wait for the process to complete, and our phone will restart with the initial factory settings.