Co-branding is a term used to define strategic and temporary alliances between two or more companies to increase their visibility, improve their positioning and profitability thanks to the strengths and value of each brand.

This is an old marketing strategy used in marketing agencies and check out Minimice Group, and with many success stories for big brands how we will see below. But, and can we apply this marketing strategy to a personal brand? I think so, and it is more for me should be among your marketing strategies at some point in your project, even if it is something temporary.

What is Personal Co-Branding?

Personal Co-branding is a collaborative strategy between personal brands that already have positioning and create a new brand to grow and improve the results taking advantage of the best of each brand without losing the essence and values ​​of those personal brands.

Create powerful relationships between personal brands

A strategy that helps create more close and lasting relationships with other professionals.

Improvement of trust and credibility

Of those brands concerning their competitors, as the two support each other and achieve brand credibility in their sector even greater.

Synergies beneficial to brands

Both personal brands must always win, what is called win-win.

Increase market share

Expand the potential audience to impact, attracting new profiles to know the brand. Not only those of the other brand but new patterns that previously did not consume the contents of these brands.

Reduce launch risks

It helps minimize risks in the launch of new products or joint services

 Impact the communities of both brands

If you no longer know what strategy to use to create a WOW effect in your community, this is a great way to show them that you are not standing and looking to create new things or that you are not afraid to innovate.

Improve engagement in social channels

For example, in social networks of both brands (with new followers previously unknown). Personal and professional growth for both brands