The Bermuda triangle also nicknamed as ‘Devil’s Triangle’ is an area of water between Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. It is believed that anything in this area, be it planes flying over it or ships sailing on it disappear without leaving a trace and the reason cannot be explained. Some say it may be the work of extraterrestrial invaders who capture humans to study them. There is another theory of oceanic flatulence that suggests that methane gas might erupt from ocean sediments causing the disappearances. In this article, Handy discusses some of the greatest mysteries around the Bermuda Triangle.

The Mysteries

  1. The disappearance of Star Tiger flight – In 1948, a Star Tiger aircraft took its flight from England to Bermuda in the month of January carrying thirty passengers. It simply vanished with no sightings again. It was spotted halfway between Bermuda and Delaware Bay flying quite low which suggests that it had gone off course before vanishing altogether. 
  2. Panamanian Ship Mystery – Sylvia L. Ossa was a Panamanian cargo ship that used to regularly sail near the mysterious water of the Bermuda Triangle defying all odds. In 1976, the ship along with its thirty-seven crew members finally succumbed to the mysteries of the Bermuda triangle and disappeared without leaving a trace behind. It was a five hundred and a ninety-foot ship. So, it’s difficult for the Coast Guard to believe that it just disappeared. They are still looking for a clue that can explain the disappearance.
  3. Bomber Squad Mystery – Though there had been quite a few mysterious instances in the past, this event made people strongly believe in the legend of ‘The Bermuda Triangle’ and that it is possessed by evil. In December 1945, a five-plane squadron, Flight 19 set out on a training mission from their base in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The plane, along with its twenty-seven men were never heard of again. The Navy found it difficult to believe this disappearance which was caused due to reasons unknown and sent a rescue mission to investigate. The rescue mission consisting of thirteen men also disappeared leaving everybody perplexed about the mystery.
  4. US Battleship Mystery – The biggest of the sea’s unsolved mystery was around USS Cyclops. The ship embarked from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on February 16th, 1918 after fueling British ships in the South Atlantic in Brazilian waters. It came into Barbados in early March and then promptly disappeared completely. Having three hundred and six people on board, this remains the biggest disappearance mystery to date. No logical explanation could be given for this mysterious disappearance.


There have been many other such mysteries surrounding the Bermuda Triangle. It’s estimated that at least fifty ships and twenty planes have disappeared in the area without a trace. However, Handy believes that The US government does not recognize the Bermuda Triangle as an actual geographical location of a threat and does not believe in any of the legends around it.