With fully functional car you can enjoy freedom, safety and comfort on road. You would be surprised to know that your car can also help your financial needs such as wedding, education, vacation, home improvement, large purchase, health expenses, etc.  Apparently, people get puzzled and confused when they need to arrange urgent money. People with good credit score can apply for any types of loan such as personal loan, credit card, home equity loan, etc. Earlier applicants with bad credit score has to struggle a lot to borrow money from bank or financial institution. But nowadays everyone who owns a car can take car pledge and can solve their immediate financial emergency from car backlog (รถค้างค่างวด which is the term in thai).

Get relevant information

There are many lenders who offer car pledge at low interest rates. The reliable car pledge companies decide the loan amount after proper evaluation of the condition, model, brand, age and popularity of the model. Although car pledge needs minimum documents but it is always advisable to keep all the documents handy for verification. Pledge is used when the lender takes actual possession of assets. When you pledge your car it will be with the lender until the borrowers repay the amount. Before taking car pledge read the terms and conditions on the contract and avoids confusion later.

Evaluate reputation

In today’s overcrowded marketplace choose the right car pledge company otherwise you might put your car at risk. Some of the aspects that you should consider for smooth, satisfactory and fast car pledge

  • Ensure the company is licensed and authentic
  • Compare the interest rates
  • Check how long does it take for loan disbursal
  • Confirm whether you will have to provide any additional security
  • Check the eligibility
  • Check how the company take care of the borrowers car

Manage loan efficiently

In car pledge the lender has theright to sell the car if you cannot repay the amount on time. Hence evaluate your ability to repay and have peace of mind.