Everyone requires investment plans to secure the future and save money while increasing its value over the years. But choosing a plan capable of fulfilling this requirement is not so easy. If you plan to purchase a highly rewarding investment plan in India, you will also face similar problems due to the high number of available plans. Don’t worry. Because here, you will know about finding the best investment plan in India.

5 Tips to Find the Best Investment Plans in India

Before purchasing any plan, it is important to know the detailed information and risks. By doing so, the investor can choose the best investment plan suitable for their purposes without any chances of loss. For this, one can follow a few tried and tested tips which are extremely helpful in finding the best investment plan in India. Given below are five such important tips that a person must keep in mind before entering an investment plan.

Choose a Plan with a Higher Return to Investment Ratio

Plans with a higher return to investment ratio are always more profitable than others with a lower ratio. And if a plan guarantees such high returns, then the person must waste no time to start investing in that particular investment plan. The major benefit of doing so is that the customer will never have to worry about the product once the payment is over, and rest assured of the guaranteed returns.

Decide a Budget Friendly Investment Amount

A budget-friendly investment amount will ensure that even though a person is investing in their future, they won’t have to compromise on their present. Several people commit the mistake of opting for a higher investment amount to satisfy their appetite for a higher return. But doing so can adversely affect the present lifestyle, sometimes resulting in cutbacks on essential items. So, knowing the amount of money available to set aside for an investment from the budget will ensure no losses occur due to the investment.

Prefer Long Term Investments

The preference should always be for long-term plans as these plans have a higher interest and return rate. Be it banking instruments or the stock market, the longer the investment in a product, the more will be the return rate. Such benefits of long-term investments are clearly seen in life insurance policies where a longer association with the insurer results in a higher maturity amount and return rate. This is why long-term life insurance is the best investment plan in India.

Opt for Plans with Higher Tax Savings

Choosing plans with a higher tax savings potential is also very important as they can help save money indirectly. There are several relaxations in the Indian Income Tax Act of 1961, where people can claim relaxations on the payments and returns on the investment plans. It also helps reduce the premium burden on the investor without any effects on the policy itself as the relaxations are in the ITR filing and has nothing to do with the investment plan.

Consider Plans with Flexible Premium and Payment Modes

Flexibility in premium and payment modes will help an investor against any uncertainties in gathering the investment amount, especially for monthly or yearly recurring payments. The investor can choose the duration between two successive payments according to their suitability and pay online or offline. And even if there are lapses in payment, the best investment plan in India will always have an easy re-joining to the plan with very low penalties. And there won’t be any adverse effects on the policy or the pre-decided returns.


These tips will help you find the best investment plan in India that will be useful for the future. People often make mistakes in purchasing a plan, which can become reasons for losses. It is necessary to invest in reliable plans to avoid such losses. And life insurance is the most reliable investment plan, which has the added benefits of a life cover and high tax savings.