Diabetes patients can now see their glucose numbers in real-time by simply looking at their smart device with the Dexcom g5 system. These tools make it easy for patients to know where their glucose level is headed with zero fingersticks and no need for calibration as opposed to older meters. At the moment, only one continuous glucose monitor model has been approved for treatment decisions. This model is the Dexcom g5 mobile. With the results of this system alone, doctors can make changes to a patient’s care plan. When using other models, one has to confirm the reading from the system with a finger-stick blood glucose test.

How to extend the life of a Dexcom g5 system

Today’s piece explains to people who are new to the Dexcom g5 system or those who are already using it how to extend its life.

The Dexcom g5 system comes with sensors that are meant to last for one week. After the 7th day, the accuracy of the sensor diminishes. However, lots of people realize that taking proper care of the Dexcom g5 sensors helps them get more days out of them.

Here are tips to help in extending the life of the sensors without compromising the accuracy:

Tip 1

Keep the Dexcom g5 sensors safe so that the adhesive doesn’t get loose and come off too soon.

Find a great adhesive barrier that’s hypoallergenic, latex-free, and reduces friction. Use it on the adhesive of the sensor before application.

Tip 2

Apply the Dexcom g5 system in the normal way as shown in the manual or as explained by the doctor.

Tip 3

Secure the sensor in place using an adhesive cover. Ensure that it’s comfortable and wide enough to cover the sensor. To make it fun for kids, choose a tape that comes in attractive colors.

Tip 4

After a week, there’s the option of stopping the sensor or waiting for it to end. After it has been stopped, it should then be restarted. The patient then continues using it normally on the eighth day as if it was a new sensor. To do so, just hit the start sensor option. It’ll have it’s usual warm-up period after which it’ll carry on as usual.

Tip 5

Keep a close eye on the sensor covering to ensure that it’s well strapped on. Make sure that the tape is firmly stuck in place. If starts to come off, gently remove it and replace it. 

Lastly, one is supposed to stay hydrated all through. That seems to help keep the sensor on for longer.

How long can one use the Dexcom g5 system?

There’s no definitive answer on this one. The duration varies from one person to another as well as from one sensor to another. Generally, the most a person can get out of the sensor is 2.5 weeks. But the minute the sensor becomes unreliable it has to be changed.


The Dexcom g5 system enables the patient to know whether they need to take their insulin shot or take other measures to treat hypoglycemia. For people who are either self-funding and would like to get the most out of their Dexcom g5 sensors without compromising accuracy, the secret lies in caring for it. Even though using it for longer than is recommended isn’t right, people out there still do it to save up some cash.