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Choosing the Right Type of Pellet Stove for The Living Room Area

Pellet stoves for the living room have a heating output of three to ten kilowatts. Pellet stoves with a minimum output of ten kilowatts and more are primary heating for the entire house. A duct pellet stove is ideal for additional heating or, depending on the house’s size, as primary heating. Duct able pellet stoves heat the living room and, on top of that, up to three other rooms in the house via ventilation ducts.

If the living room is primarily kept cozy and warm, a pellet stove with a lower heating output can be purchased. A pellet stove is equipped with a fan for rapid heat dissipation, but the noise level does not exceed a running tap.  A pellet stove with a fan that can be switched off in the living room for more flexibility is recommended. The user chooses whether the living room should be warmed up quickly or heated up in peace.

Depending on the application area, the Ecoforest pellet stoves system must never be purchased with an output that is too high. Firstly, it costs more money to buy and, secondly, it does not add up over the years and would therefore be counterproductive. Of course, a pellet stove without electricity is particularly cost-saving, as there are no additional energy costs. The best way to find out how big the pellet stove should be for a cozy ambiance in the living room, taking into account its ultimate function as auxiliary or primary heating in your own house, is from a reliable source.

Pellet Stove as Additional Heating in The Living Room

Suppose you are sure to use the pellet stove for cozy warmth in the living room and at the same time to relieve the central heating. In that case, you can also set up a water-bearing pellet stove in the living room area and the alternative of the duct able pellet stove. Such a pellet stove is equipped with water pockets and is connected to the heating system via a buffer tank. The heat from the pellet stove is fed to the water in the heating circuit, and thus other rooms in addition to the living room are heated. When purchasing a hygienic storage tank, even the heating of the service water is conceivable. The output of these ovens is 50/50 or 20/80, divided into air and water. one speaks here of water-side and air-side performance. To heat water in addition to the living room, this must, of course, be taken into account in the required output.

When installing a fireplace in the living room, certain safety precautions must be taken about fire protection. The living room floor should be fire-resistant; this can be achieved with a fireplace floor plate. In this context, a tiled floor seems best suited for this. Starting up a new heating system in the house is a good reason to renovate or tile the floor. A pellet stove in the living room to match your furnishing style

When choosing a pellet stove, you should know that appearance and personal feeling play a role. The wood-burning stoves operated with pellets are often kept modern but are in no way inferior to the original wood-burning stove, depending on your taste.