Redoxon is a medicine or dietary supplement that is offered with or without a doctor’s prescription. Each tablet of Redoxon mainly contains 1000mg of vitamin C and 10mg of zinc. The Redoxon Double Action is a more advanced variant of the original Redoxon. Vitamin C and zinc play important roles in a number of essential metabolic functions through a variety of routes and reactions. Vitamin C, for example, is necessary for maintaining healthy bones, teeth, and gums, as well as other general composition of the body. Similarly, zinc is an essential mineral that the body requires in order to function correctly. Vitamin C and zinc interact collaboratively to promote better health.

Can I Take Redoxon Everyday?

The answer is yes, as long as it is taken in the manner specified in the instructions. Redoxon is available as effervescent pills in a variety of flavours, including orange and blackcurrant. Adults should take one tablet a day, dissolved in a glass of water; and children aged 6 to 12 years should take half a tablet a day, dissolved in a glass of water.

The number 1000mg of vitamin C per Redoxon tablet may sound overwhelming, in fear of being overdose. Nevertheless, several studies on absorption of ascorbic acid, which is also known as Vitamin C showed that at modest doses of 30–180 mg per day, approximately 70% of vitamin C is absorbed; dosage greater than 1000mg per day, the absorption drops to less than 50%, and unmetabolized ascorbic acid is eliminated in the urine. Therefore, in general, our body is capable of uptaking and utilizing the optimum dose of Vitamin C needed on a daily basis.

Hence, taking 1 tablet of Redoxon everyday is considerably safe and effective for most individuals, less likely to cause overdose by consuming 1000mg of Vitamin C everyday.

How Much Vitamin C Should I Take?

The vast majority of studies reviewed concluded that 500 mg of vitamin C per day should be enough to reap health advantages. This is considerably higher than the adult Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of 75-90 mg per day. As a result, unless you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, you may need to take a vitamin C supplement to get all of the health benefits. In practise, 500 mg of vitamin C each day, in addition to five servings of fruits and vegetables, should be enough.

On the other hand, some people struggle to take the required quantities of fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. As a result, using Redoxon, a once-daily supplement, is safe and efficient, making it easier for most individuals to deal with their problems.


Although Redoxon can be taken everyday, similar to many other drugs, it may have some side effects as well. Not every user will experience them. The common adverse effects include gastrointestinal and stomach pain, diarrhoea, nausea, and vomiting. Consult your doctor, pharmacist, or nurse if you experience any of these adverse effects. This includes any additional potential negative effects not addressed in this article.

Other uncommon yet severe allergic reactions such as difficulty breathing or swallowing, swelling in the eyes, face, lips, throat, or oral cavity, skin rashes, broad or itching wheals on the skin, multiple sneezing episodes, runny nose, eyes discomfort, visual disturbances, or water retention. Those who have any of the following allergic reactions, stop using Redoxon Double Action and seek emergency medical treatment at your nearest accident and emergency department and physician.

Please discontinue use of Redoxon if you have or have had kidney stones, have high oxalic levels in your urine, are at risk of developing kidney stones, have severe renal disorders or are on dialysis, or have iron overload (hemochromatosis).

Individuals who have a genetic disease that causes glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency and/or are prone to kidney issues, phenylketonuria, on low sodium diet such as hypertensive patients, pregnant ladies should refer to a doctor or pharmacist before taking Redoxon Double Action.

Notify your doctor or pharmacist if you are actively taking, have recently taken, or intend to take any other medicines or vitamin supplements, including those obtained with or without doctor’s prescription. If you are using Desferrioxamine (used to treat iron toxicity), Cyclosporine (an immune suppressor), or Warfarin, consult your doctor before using Redoxon Double Action (blood thinner). Those who are taking Redoxon, intend to undergo blood tests, should consult your doctor or pharmacist as well because high Vitamin C may affect the results.

Redoxon should be taken precisely as your doctor or pharmacist has suggested. Please see your doctor or pharmacist if you have any concerns.