Have you ever felt nervous before an important meeting or a date when you realize that you’re not wearing perfume? You are not alone. For some, the body odor is a big turn off. Wearing your favorite perfume for important events helps in boosting your confidence and self-esteem. Men’s perfume [น้ำหอมผู้ชาย, which is the term in Thai] is available in a wide range of fragrances. It depends on which fragrance suits your personality. Wearing your favorite fragrance not only helps in fighting body odor, but it also improves the overall morale of a person.

Wearing fragrance adds to your visual appearance

One may ask that perfume is something that is sensed by the nose; how does it add to the visual appearance? We all have heard the phrase, “The first impression is the last impression.” Wearing good perfume adds to the context and depth of your overall attire. This combination of perfume and some good clothes becomes an invitation for others to indulge their senses in your style. The persuasive power of perfume cannot be neglected. It further helps in enhancing mood, triggering memories, treats insomnia, aromatherapy, and helps with a headache.

When choosing a perfume, one should keep in mind the cost of the perfume and the concentration levels. The concentration level is directly related to the lasting power of the odor.

Want to relax? Put on your sandals

We spend the majority of our day wearing formal or sports shoes, depending on where we work. Our feet need rest and some space to breathe. Bacterial infections are a result of wearing these airtight shoes for a long period of time. Sandals [รองเท้าแตะ, which is the term in Thai] and flip flops provide the necessary comfort our feet desire all day long. These sandals and flip flops have been carefully designed to allow our feet to breathe and feel some fresh air. Apart from being relaxing, they come in a variety of colors and designs. They are accessible, and if you are planning to go to a beach, they are the easiest shoe to remove sand from.