The Best VPN Services for 2020

Before subscribing to any VPN service, you have to ensure that the company has the fundamental qualities necessary to provide you with a quick service. DO you know how your IP address reaches the host site? Well. The Domain Name System or the DNS resolution is the chief process by which your address will convert into the IP address. The world wide web is going to use the particular IP address to redirect your traffic to the host site. According to, VPN promises to offer you an additional layer of privacy, and it should also have its system to protect the DNS translation process as well. 

Logging policies are different

The different service providers offer different systems for logging. Some of the VPN s can save the browsing history for a particular number of months. But if you have a problem with that, you can select the service provider with no-log policy. Still, for your information, the VPNs do have the session logs and some other data as well. So before subscribing, read the term and conditions of the service provider and try to detect ay hidden catch regarding this aspect. You can even check out the reviews which may have mention of any such issues regarding logging policies. 

Installation on router

Do you use a router at home? Then you can avoid the tedious job of installing then VPN on every device at home. Instead, install the VPN directly on the home router so that any device connected to the network will benefit the VPN. It is the best plan as of now. But it would help if you had an equally compatible router for the purpose. Of course, you have to check with the VPN service provider, too, regarding whether the provider supports the service. It is impossible to get the VPN working well on your router if you don’t have excellent intermediate networking.