While there are a few basic kinds of Remote door [รีโมท ประตู รั้ว, which is the term in Thai], all have one point alike, they all include an electric motor that relocates a cart. The cart, in turn, is connected to the door. When the trolley is turned on, it triggers the door to move up or down. The main difference between the garage door kinds is the driving utility. Basically, some openers work on chains, while others utilize belts or threaded components.

Here’s a look at the different types of garage door openers:

  • Chain Drive

On a chain-driven garage door opener, a metal chain drives the trolley that raises as well as lowers the door. Of all the different sorts of garage door openers, the chain drive choice is generally the lowest-priced, making it a preferred option amongst lots of homeowners. Nonetheless, chain drive openers can likewise be noisy due to the motions of the chain. Consequently, chain drive openers can be an inconvenience for noise-sensitive individuals. Essentially, the chain drive is recognized to be affordable.

  • Noisy

Chain drives are best for buildings where the garage is detached from your home. If you stay in a house where the garage is positioned directly under a room or living area, you’re possibly is better off with among the other choices.

  • Direct Drive

A straight drive opener is the least difficult of all opener types just because the motor itself is what relocates the trolley. For that reason, there’s no chain, belt, or threaded item in the whole operation. Not just does this simplify the procedure of relocating a garage door backward and forwards; however, it additionally leads to a smooth, quiet procedure that rarely calls for maintenance. Therefore, the straight drive opener is a great option for residential or commercial properties of any type of dimension or design.