Deciding to leave your pet may probably be the hardest thing to do whenever you are planning to travel. It might be stressful, let alone confusing. Most pet parents are extremely attached to their pets and worry about their well-being whenever they are away from home. Options such as family members, friends, vet boarding facilities, kennel boarding facilities, and high-end boarding facilities offer the best solution whenever you think of your pet behind. Before taking your pet to your preferred boarding facility, there are essential things to do beforehand.

Here are 5 must dos for pet parents before boarding their pets.

Get Food Specifications Right

Before you can leave your furry bestie in a kennel boarding facility, it is important to find out the type of food and water they have for your pet. If you like, make arrangements of how your pet will be given their regular food.

For dog owners, ensure to leave sufficient amounts of the best dog food in UK before boarding the canine. Specifying the right food for your pet helps avoid any complications, especially if they are allergic to certain food types.

Research on Boarding Facilities

Before settling on the boarding facility to use for your pet when you are away, it is recommended that you do a thorough background check. Choose between the various types, and look up the nearest ones to you.

You could with a shortlist of the top facilities. Look at top recommendations by boarding kennel associations as they may have valuable information and rating for the various facilities. In whichever way you approach the searching process, ensure that you end up with the best boarding facility for your pet.


Most kennels require that pets be current on their vaccinations. Some require that pet owners present their vaccination history before boarding their pets. As such, it is important to keep these records updated and kept safely for easy retrieval.

Some boarding facilities offer vaccination services for pets before taking them in. For pet owners who haven’t recently vaccinated their pets, it important to enquire whether their preferred facility offers these services. This helps save time and prevents a last-minute rush.


For pets that are under medication, owners should find out how the boarding facility goes about the medicine administration for pets. This assures pet owners that their pets will not miss their medication when they are away.  

To make it easier for both parties, it is important to get a copy of your pet’s medical record from the vet. The record contains the current medication that your pet is on and the diagnosed conditions of the pet.


Before boarding your pet, inquire about the facility’s schedule. Is the schedule similar to what your pet is used to? Find out how often they walk and feed pets. This helps ensure that your pet stays in good moods whenever you are away.


Before boarding your pet, it is important to do a thorough background check of your preferred boarding facility. Most importantly, inform them of the food specifications for your pet, present the vaccination and medical records for your pet, and ensure that their schedule suits your pet perfectly.