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4 Dream cycling destinations in Australia

Top 10 best cycling trips in Australia

When you would like to ride your bicycle in international locations, you might want to start with a place like Australia. You can check out Ride International Tours when you are looking for better places to go, and you will discover that it is a lot of fun for you to ride your bicycle and travel because you get to see amazing locations that are sometimes completely untouched. Australia is such a vast place that you will need some tim to go to all these amazing locations. 

1.  Melbourne

Melbourne is down by the sea, and you can ride close to the ocean or even on the beach if you really want to. You can ride through the older parts of the city with beautiful homes and glamorous people. You can even ride into Melbourne Park where they host both the Australian Open tennis tournament and the Australian Grand Prix. You can’t ride the track, but you can ride through the area to enjoy the sights. 

2.  Sydney

You can ride by the Opera House in one of the most obvious and enjoyable places to go in Australia. You can ride along the coast, and you can ride down into the city so that you can see all the shopping, restaurants, and even parts of the business district. 

3.  Canberra

Canberra is the planned capitol of this beautiful island nation, and you should try to ride near the capitol and all the gardens that surround the building. You can also ride into the city and see all the manicured neighborhoods that are in this area. You should bring people along because they are going to want to see what a planned capitol looks like in this part of the world.

4.  Perth

You can go all the way to Perth if you would like to see the west coast of Australia. You should make sure that you have planned a long trip that gives you time to get over there, and you might even want to stop halfway so that you can check out some of the large ranches on the outback, ride past Uluru, or ride to some of the lovely beaches located on that side of the island.

You can ride your bike to Australia as much as you want, and you can take an international tour that is going to make your life that much more exciting and help you adventure.