Xbox Live change enables you to choose any gamertag you want | VentureBeatPeople have realized that it is important to focus on having fun as much as they focus on their work and studies. There are multiple ways available to entertain you or have fun nowadays. But still, people don’t have enough time to do so hence they choose to relax at home while watching a film or show. They even play online games to pass their time as multiple online gaming websites are available nowadays. You can even create a gamertag for yourself by using the xbox name generatorThough it only works for people that are playing games on an xbox. 


Gamertag is required for both online and video gaming. So you must use the xbox name generator to do so as it can be very complicated to create your gamertag. There are many differences between video gaming and online gaming. Some people prefer to play video games as the graphics are better. Some people prefer to play online games as they are free and you can earn money from them. Video games can be expensive and you can’t earn money from them. Previously online gaming was not active, so people had to deal with video gaming.


Video gaming requires a big setup and online gaming does not require any setup. You need a big screen like a TV or computer to play a video game as graphics can pixelate on smaller screens. But you can play online games on any small or big device ranging from a mobile phone to a big TV screen. You might need extra equipment like joysticks or remote controllers to play a video game. You need a single device to play an online game. You can’t play video games in a public place due to its huge setup. But you can play an online game anywhere you want when you are traveling.


You need a constant internet connection to play online games but the internet is not required while playing video games. If a new part of the same video game is released, you need to buy a CD of that game. But if a new version or the next part of an online game is released, you can download it from the internet for free. You can play online games with your friends while being in different places. But if you want to play the same video game with your friends, you need to be present in the same room.  


What Are The Different Types Of Gamertags Available On The Xbox Name Generator? 


Sometimes the gamertag that we come up with might have been already chosen by some other gamer. So at that time, you need to change your gamertag and you can do it using the xbox name generator. It can generate different types of gamertags according to your personality and wants. You can generate funny, rude, vague, and any gamertag on this website. There are even separate gamertags for boys and girls available on it.