The term esports is defined as electronic sports. If you love playing pc games tournament, then this is the best platform to perform. If we talk about gambling or betting on esports, it sounds fun as well as generates interest among the people who love to play games that comes under esports. Esports betting is a source of a large business as many people place bets on many players, which in result benefits the company. Many people are always ready to place bets on these kinds of games.

There are multiple types of games comes under the section of esports-

  1. First player person (FPP) – There are many games that come under this category like counter strike, call of duty, medal of honor. In this category, the gamer can only see his gun in this game, and the area around and nothing else, and it is also called as first player camera view. It is the most challenging type of gaming, but it is fun as well because in this third-person camera is not available as becomes difficult for many players to play because third-person camera allows us to peek behind the wall so that we can view or can observe if any enemy is coming or not.
  2. Online multiplayer battle mode- The term multiplayer stands for the game in which there is only then one person is present for battle against each other. There are many games that come under this category, and the most famous game in esports betting is counter strike go and Dota 2. Some of the most popular games other than counter strike and Dota 2 are PUBG and Fortnite. These games have made its fans crazy as it contains high graphics, and these games are available in first player person and third player person mode. You can select any model according to your desire.
  3. Fighting games- These are also considered as one on one battle games. In this type of play, there is a small arena in which two players are standing opposite each other. The one who is going to defeat other will going to win the game and people love to place bets on these type of play more because these games do not last for long and this game is full of skills and techniques. Many games come under this category, for example, street fighter, Tekken, mortal combat, etc.