When it comes to renovating your kitchen, choosing the right type of kitchen doors is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make. Kitchen doors not only determine the overall look and feel of your kitchen but also play a significant role in the functionality and practicality of your space. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the various types of kitchen doors, their advantages, and how to pick the perfect one for your kitchen.

  1. Types of Kitchen Doors: There are five main types of kitchen doors; shaker, flat-panel, raised-panel, glass-front, and slab. Shaker style doors are the most popular due to their simplicity and versatility, they feature a five-piece construction with a recessed center panel. Flat-panel doors provide a more contemporary look with their smooth and flat surface, while raised-panel doors have a traditional appearance with a raised center panel. Glass-front doors have a cosmetic appeal and allow you to display your dishes or glassware, while slab doors provide a clean and modern look with no frame or panel.
  2. Material: The material you choose for your kitchen doors determines the durability, longevity, and maintenance of the doors. Wooden doors are the most popular due to their durability, classic look, and versatility; common woods include cherry, maple, oak, and birch. Laminate doors are an affordable and low-maintenance option but can be easily damaged and lack the authenticity of solid wood. Other materials include veneer, glass, and metal.
  3. Finishes: Choosing the right finish for your kitchen doors can take your kitchen from bland to beautiful, and there are several options to choose from. Stained finishes are the most popular due to their versatility in matching various kitchen styles, they provide a natural and classic look. Painted finishes, on the other hand, provide a contemporary and slick finish that can make your kitchen stand out. Other finishes include glazed finishes, distressed finishes, and high gloss finishes.
  4. Hardware: The hardware you choose for your kitchen doors not only enhances the appearance of your doors but also contributes to their functionality. Cabinet hardware includes knobs, pulls, and handles, and can be made of various materials including metal, plastic, and wood. Choosing the right hardware can make your doors more functional, improve the user experience, and provide a secure and practical opening mechanism.
  5. Cost: The cost of kitchen doors can vary considerably depending on the type of material, finishes, and hardware, and typically account for a significant portion of a kitchen renovation budget. Wooden doors are the most expensive due to their authenticity and durability, while laminate and veneer doors are the most affordable. When considering the cost, it’s also important to consider the value that the doors add to your kitchen renovation project, and ensure that the quality of the doors matches their cost.


Your choice of kitchen doors plays a crucial role in determining the outcome of your kitchen renovation project. Consider the type of doors, material, finishes, hardware, and cost when choosing the best doors for your space. Wooden doors with stained or painted finishes and hardware that complements the style of your kitchen are the most popular and practical choices. No matter which doors you choose, make sure to always look for quality and authenticity for a lasting and beautiful kitchen renovation. Check out Space Factor for the latest kitchen design ideas.