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Tej Kohli | Call him Mr Know it all or the man with a golden heart – He’s Everything

Every individual comes with a purpose in life. Life is all about finding that purpose. While some people have just one purpose they live for, others have multiple. Mr Tej Kohli comes in the latter category – a man who is known for many things. From being a billionaire to being a philanthropist, investor, entrepreneur, visionary, expert speaker, and what not. The man is a whole package. 

So, where did it all start from? What made him become who is today? Being an alumni of IIT Kanpur, he graduated in electrical engineering. Since then, he embarked on a journey where he founded and funded numerous business endeavours. He founded a plethora of businesses in the late 90’s and early 20’s in Costa Rica. The companies offered digital services, such as online payment gateways, online payment, fraud protection software, and e-commerce. 

After 2006, Kohli was the only beneficiary of several liquidity events that were sold in a numerous high-value trade sales. The returns generated from the sales helped him take his place in the real estate to a whole new level, resulting in the creation of Zibel Real Estate portfolio 

The Start: Talking about his accomplishments in the recent years, the legend’s interests have expanded into a series of investment and commercial endeavours yield a consistent income stream. Tej Kohli has significant holdings in artificial intelligence, real estate, e-sports, robotics, biotechnology, cryptocurrency and equity.  

E sport tycoon: His very recent interests lie in e-sports. He has recently made a huge investment of a whopping €50 million into Rewired GG Esports venture sports, making him the biggest individual e-sports investor in Europe. 

Healing the Blind: His accomplishments do not end here. Apart from reaching many capitalistic milestones, his philanthropic achievements remain unbeaten. He founded a foundation with Dr. Sanduk Ruit that caters to blind patients. The Tej Ruit foundation has embarked on a mission to eliminate needless cataract blindness from the poor sections of the world. And for the same, he has set up numerous outreach camps in the economical backward sections, collaborated with leading hospitals, funded research in world’s leading medical institution to support his philanthropic endeavours. His philanthropic endeavours have hit milestones especially in Nepal, where the foundation has successfully cured 27,963 cataract blindness patients and screened 206,261 patients. 

Before this co-effort, Mr Tej Kohli inaugurated The Tej Kohli Cornea Institute at the LV Prasad Eye Institute in Hyderabad in 2015. It was till 2019 that the institute completed 43,255 surgical procedures to cure blindness.  In addition, it also collected 38,225 donor cornea into its eye bank. The endeavour was later merged with the Tej-Ruit foundation. 

We can go on and on about Mr. Tej Kohli’s achievements but it won’t still end. For the underprivileged, he’s no less than a messiah, and for the leading investors and entrepreneurs, he’s no less than an inspiration.