What we have said, Black hair Colour may look unusual but it does not really mean sweetness; especially if you’ve been playing dark darks all your life. So, when you are in a position to rejuvenate your look, there is nothing better than adding bright colours to create a stunning contrast with your completely black strands. Want something different? Meet pink. Looking for hidden? Meet brown. PS: Even a small change can change your tresses.

So, prepare to spice up your black locks with a dash of popping hue. Of course, the world of colours can be huge which is why saving effort we have compiled a list of options that work as a good highlight for black hair.


There is something mermaid-Esque about black and blue strings. The outstanding green combing into a beautiful black base can add drama to your hair without overpowering it. This look is about the slightest accent and brightness that adds instant size. Expert Tip: Choose a combination of aqua and royal blue shades and braid your hair to add volume and depth to your hair.


Have bright red tones and watch it cut through your Black hair Colour is like an unusual light when the sun shines. You have a variety of shades to choose from – ginger red, cherry red, cool red and much more. The best part? This hair colour shade looks great on all skin tones to give a poppy twist refreshing. P.S. Don’t stop the bright serum if you really want the highlights to pass.


Blonde is a straightforward way to lighten the locks of beauties with dark hair. If you are blonde, choose a hue that has two shades lighter or darker than the natural colour to make it look more natural. You can browse options such as chestnut blonde, honey blonde, platinum blonde, blush blonde, etc. to get to zero in this that matches your skin tone. Need more to believe? Spreading blonde colours over hair length will act as a halo of glowing light on your face.


Nothing describes beauty as much as gold. If a lot of gold is not your jam, you can choose a blonde cocktail with a hidden gold colour for graduation from the roots to the tips of your black hair. If you want a timeless shade that doesn’t depend on funky, don’t think twice before dipping your strands in gold.


Do you want a shade that holds its place, removing pressure from the need for any texture? Meet chic purple. You can buy amethyst, lilac, smoky or pastel purple to bring health to your dark tresses. Expert Tip: To keep your highlights fresh, use a purple shampoo.


Black-skinned ladies will find great news! The bright pink helped you not to play with the same Black hair Colour. Separate predictions with the best pink images and turn things around by relying on a healthy scale. You can choose pastel pink, soft pink or cotton candy. Clear and solid, the pink colour carries a punch with a good amount of playfulness and rock chic.


Not looking good? Yes, please! A quick way to express the colour of your skin, the amazing green gives your hairdo a new story. From green to the right skin tones to dark green to dark skin, this colour offers a variety of shades. Bless your mane with low green tones and watch your locks play peekaboo as the colour reflects light in the right places. Used properly, a rich green hint can make even the colour of your eyes stand out.


Walk over the Black hair Colour, grey will remain. This grey colour balances with your dark roots to add depth without jumping over the glittering element. Don’t expect bright pieces; this look is perfect if you want a bright and simple look. Expert Tip: To keep the colour fresh and unique, donate a glossy serum.

Frequently Asked Questions Relating to Black Hair And Highlights

1. Is it advisable to make important points alone in the home without professional help?

If this is your first time doing hair colour at home, you should definitely consider someone who has already done the task before. An experienced person will provide ideas that will help you choose a colour that truly softens your colour and looks great given the texture of your hair. In addition, specialists regularly perform strand tests to determine if you are allergic to any product before proceeding with the dyeing process. This protects you from any possible damage to your hair.

2. What is the difference between types of hair colours?

Semi-permanent hair colour:

·        Due to the lack of peroxide in this formula, it can make your hair darker and less manageable. It also works to improve the shine and texture of your hair.

·        The hair colour is applied to the outer part of the hair and does not go deep as a result of which you will only have to wash for a dozen hairs for a long time.

·        Choose a semi-permanent if you are not sure what the colour will look like to you especially if you are trying something out of the box and you are on the phone about it.

Demi-Permanent Hair Color:

·        Demi-permanent contains peroxide but in small amounts and therefore, can lighten hair a little.

·        It is a slightly deeper colour in contrast to the permanent formula and as a result, the effects are longer-lasting, meaning a bath of up to 24.

Permanent hair colour:

·        As the name suggests, the colour will last longer compared to the other two formulas. It will fade a little but its traces will remain until the coloured strands grow.

·        Choose a permanent hair colour if you have grey or white hair that you wish to hide.

3. The time period between your two hair colour sessions?

Everyone’s hair has a different texture and strength while they are at risk of damage. It is recommended that you wait for your coloured hair to grow and allow time for your tresses to recover and shine before you decide to re-colour. To ensure that your hair is in good condition and healthy enough to take another hair colour session, treat your tresses with a healthy hair spa or hair mask. If you are not happy with the colour of your hair and want an urgent change, talk to your stylist about colour correction options.

4. How much time does it requires to highlight hair?

Hairstyling can take anywhere between 1 to .5 hours depending on the length, the thickness of your hair and the amount and placement of the best photos. It also depends on how bright you want your Black hair Colour to look because the sooner the expected result, the longer you wait. When booking appointments, wait and allow a 30-minute bath time, for your safety.

5. How can you keep the main points in mind?

·        Since light hair can make it brittle, be sure to treat your hair in a firm and nourishing manner.

·        Avoid brushing your hair too much as it may interfere with the performance of the coloured strands.

·        As often as possible, avoid strong styling products that can make your hair dry.

·        Limit washing your hair 2 times a week if you want the colour to last longer.