Commercial litigation is a complicated sub-field of business law that focuses on the legal conflicts that arise between companies. We have many years of expertise resolving complex disputes for our customers, and our staff has the knowledge and abilities you need to have your case settled swiftly. If you choose us, we can help you find a solution to your legal problem.

Commercial Ligitation And Helping With Contract Disputes

A disagreement between parties that is based on an allegation that one party breached the terms of another party’s contract is considered to be a contract dispute. Depending on the preferences of the parties concerned, disagreements over contracts may be settled either via the judicial system or through private arbitration.

In arbitration, an impartial third party hears both sides of a case and makes a decision based on what he or she believes to be fair for all parties involved. It does not involve going to court and having your case heard in front of a jury made up of members of your community who may or may not understand how your business works, which can create bias toward one side over another.

Arbitration makes it possible to reach a conclusion more quickly than litigation does because it does not involve as much back-and-forth between lawyers and clients during the discovery phase of the procedure, which is the part of the process that allows each party to acquire information. As a result, arbitration enables parties to come to a decision more quickly.

Arbitration is a more cost effective option than traditional litigation because the proceedings are private and it is less expensive. There are fewer attorneys involved, which means there are fewer court costs. In addition, there is no jury and therefore arbitration hearings tend to be quicker than a typical trial would be.

Jeremy Schulman stresses the need of paying close attention to the wording used in contracts that establish dispute resolution mechanisms. He believes that arbitration is preferable than litigation for company owners. Private and more affordable than going to court, arbitration is an alternative to litigation. Additionally, it is a more efficient alternative to litigation in terms of time, formality, and expense.

Contract language that outlines mechanisms for the settlement of disputes is another area in which owners of businesses need to take extreme care. Any party may seek arbitration as a way of settling a disagreement, provided that the contract that you have with the customer does not specifically state otherwise.

In addition to assisting clients in avoiding costly legal battles, he is also able to advise businesses on how to draft contracts in a manner that is likely to be upheld by the courts. Jeremy Schulman advice is sought by businesses. Both commercial litigation and arbitration are areas in which he is able to provide clients with assistance.

In addition to helping clients avoid costly litigation battles, He can also advise companies on how to draft contracts in a manner that will likely be upheld by the courts. This ensures that any disputes will be resolved quickly and easily. As a commercial litigator for many  years, Mr. Schulman has experience with both federal and state courts across the country.