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Dogs are very popular household pets because of the so much love, friendship, loyalty and affection they bring to a household. They are an integral part of our daily lives and it is nice to pay them back for the colour they bring into our lives by taking care of them. One efficient way to take care of your dog is by registering your dog for dog grooming services with Animal kingdom resort.

To make your dog feel good and healthy, you cannot do it alone because dogs have different breeds and each have different treatment. When confused on the right product to use for your dog coat and skin, how to best wash it, how to keep it up and running, you should consider getting a dog groomer.

Do you know that each dog has a unique grooming need? Some dogs have fur that sheds regularly while some have hairs that do not shed. Dog groomers are familiar with the different patterns of hair and fur and they are in the best position to handle your dog’s hair brushing and cutting.

The act of grooming a dog requires patience, attention to details, compassion and strong communication skills, this accounts for why it takes an average of an hour for a dog to be properly groomed. When you register with a trusted dog grooming service, your dog will be presented to you more stylish, cleaner and softer than you left it.

How do groomers get dogs so soft?

You should remember that groomers are professionals, they have been trained specifically to cater for the needs of dogs. Dog groomers know the different breeds of dogs, the needs of dogs’ hair or fur and the right products and tools to be used for their grooming.

To get dogs so soft, groomers make their space very calm and comfortable for dogs. They place the dog on a grooming table, and then touch its feet and run a brush gently through their coat. When the dog gets used to the feeling of being touched, the groomer proceeds to give them a full grooming.

Silk protein shampoos and specialized pet products are used on the dogs fur. They also use the right brushes to comb their hair. After washing with a shampoo, additional products like conditioners and finishers are used to make the fur very soft, moisturised and beautiful.

Dog grooming services like Animal kingdom resorts provides the best facility and space for your dog to be adequately groomed. Our services leaves dogs clean and organized and our clients thoroughly satisfied. Contact us today to give your dog that magical touch it deserves!