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Guide for him how to know if she likes you.

The first crush is never forgotten, or almost.

This happens because the first time you fall in love with someone, everything always seems more beautiful .

From that first time then things can slowly change. You realize that the other party may not always pick up on your signals, that sometimes there are slightly distorted readings between the two parties.

In short, with the passing of the years we begin to make leather.

And again something went wrong .

Why can’t I understand girls?

Being able to catch the right signals at the right time is an advantage that you can work in your favor when trying to get a girl. You can regisiter in mon annonce rencontre.

This means being able to understand if she likes you or not .

Fed up with taking doors in your face when you go out with a girl ?

There is a solution, or rather, there is a way to understand immediately if you really care.

What you need to do is just learn to recognize the signals and read the body language.

5 aces up your sleeve to win the girl you like

You can finally have an extra ace up your sleeve to impress the girl you like.

By learning to read the right signals you will finally be able to make seduction your workhorse .

These are the 5 signs that we will tell you to understand if the flirt is going well or if it will be a flop:

1 – The look

The eyes sometimes say more than a thousand words.

Precisely for this reason the first sign to read is in the look . The longer a girl maintains eye contact with your eyes, the more interest she may have in you. If, on the other hand, if you imagine being with her at the bar drinking a coffee, while you are talking to her she seems disinterested and looks around, then here the first alarm bell could go off.

2 – Physical contact

Another sign is to see if physical contact occurs naturally and frequently when you approach her . If she doesn’t like you she will almost certainly try to minimize any form of physical contact. Let her make the first physical contact.

3 – Body language

The female body, if you know it, can be an open book.

Often, when a woman has an interest in communicating with you, she will tend to orient her body towards you as if to seek direct contact.

If, on the other hand, while you are talking she tends to keep her arms crossed, then there is a good chance that she is not comfortable and trying to withdraw into herself.

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4 – Interest

If while you are talking she keeps asking you questions after questions , this is because she is curious and wants to know you better. Surely it is to be understood as a positive signal not to be overshadowed, so try to keep the conversation alive.

5 – Investigate your past

Yeah, I mean, talking about your exes isn’t really one of the best topics to discuss with a girl you’ve recently dated. But often it is the latter who is strongly interested in the subject precisely because she wants to know what kind of guy you are and how you relate to a girl. Beware of what they say, you could compromise everything.

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