Garden Shed’s history with a strong interest in gardening and planting, you can now keep your garden tools in order. Garden Shed’s history is a long one that goes back to the first shed, built around 1880 by George W. Snow in Saint Joseph, Missouri. Mr. Snow’s goal was to create a place to store his agricultural implements and stable his horse when he was not plowing the fields or performing other farm work.

Garden sheds have a long history, spanning many centuries. The earliest found structures were used to store food and other valuables but evolved into spaces for gardening tools, animal housing, and storage for household goods. Garden sheds have been around for centuries. Many people use them for storage to keep their lawnmowers, gardening tools, and other supplies out of sight. Others use them as a retreat from the world.

Garden sheds even have a long history with artists who use them as studios where they can enjoy working on their art. With the gardening time of the year-long upon us, the time has come to take inventory of your tool shed and make sure you’re ready for the growing season. There’s nothing quite like having all your tools in one place and ready to work when you need them.

Garden Sheds can help you get there! Our expert sales staff will guide you through choosing the perfect garden shed for you, whether it be a large steel or wood storage shed or a smaller maintenance shed.

Garden sheds are the ancient precursors to garages. The word ‘garden’ means anything that produces food, and it was only later that people discovered that climate control could be useful for plants too.

A garden shed is a small, outbuilding intended for storage, and personal and household use. The size of the storage shed can be anything from a tiny tool shed to an impressive structure as large as 550 sq ft.

Garden sheds have a long history of helping gardeners with their gardening needs. Sheds, which are essentially garden buildings, began to appear in the 17th century and became popular in the 18th century.

Deep History Of Garden Sheds

Garden sheds are a great way to keep tools and garden hardware organized. These wooden sheds have been around since roughly the 17th century, the word “shed” first popping up in 1592 in the Oxford English Dictionary. The garden shed is a modest but crucial aspect of our own history.

Rakes, shovels, and other gardening tools are the perfect items to store in garden sheds. Additionally, they can serve as a tiny workspace for hobbies and crafts or as a retreat after a long day’s work.

Garden sheds are compact structures made primarily of wood where gardening tools and equipment are kept.

In the beginning, “green” items were kept in garden sheds, but today the term is often used to refer to any small outbuilding in a garden. Garden Sheds began in the U.S. and Canada in 1990. Our family-owned company is dedicated to providing the very best in quality and customer service.