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Does the couple routine afflict you Here’s how to fight it

 â€œHabit is habit, and no man can throw it out the window; if ever you can push her down the stairs, one step at a time. “

Habit, or routine , regardless of what you want to call it, is undoubtedly something that unites all of us for better or for worse.

Routine consists of a human condition that is acquired through experience and that leads us to prefer all those actions that make us feel good and that make us feel safe.

Breaking down monotony must be a gradual process, to be carried out through continuous changes, which is why it is important not to get used to the everyday routine .

It is a phase of the couple relationship, which does not always manifest itself, but which leads to diminish the enthusiasm of that first time, making everything so equal and boring.

In fact, monotony is not always good for a couple’s life, on the contrary, in the long run it can wear down the relationship with your partner, generating friction upon friction.

Couple routine: here’s what you absolutely must avoid

When a couple lives everyday life too lightly and with little spirit of initiative, over time everything becomes predictable, spontaneity and the spirit of initiative vanish, banality takes over and those who are by our side over the months are not more as special as it once was. Yes, routine can become a real problem .

So here are some tips to make everything a little more new and magical, but also what to avoid so as not to fall into the routine. These are our tips to improve your life as a couple.

routine pair king of hearts

The novelty makes everything more fascinating

Choose to try all those things that until yesterday you never had the courage to try, try to try new things that you didn’t even know until yesterday. For example, an idea could be to organize a kayak trip , a trip out of town in a special location or a dinner by the lake .

Don’t always be together

It may be best not to experience your relationship morbidly in

Every now and then you need to get away, so don’t give up on an evening with friends but try to enjoy each relationship to the fullest.

This is not a real estrangement, but a few days away from one’s sweetheart.

In fact, it is right to be able to maintain routine activities to be carried out alone or with a different group , in order to have your own space to let off steam.

Pamper your partner with unexpected surprises

Try to surprise your partner with unique, unexpected and unforgettable surprises . Even a simple thought is enough, but done with the heart . This way you will make your partner happy, but also yourself.

Choose to make a major change

Choose to make a major change . Maybe by choosing to renew, to make a restyling of your look. If you live with your partner you can choose to make a renovation to your home, some simple intervention.

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