Data has revealed that in the USA, there are more cars as compared to the number of licensed drivers. All extra cars either remain on the street or are parked inside the garage. However, for many families, there is no sufficient space available to store their cars.

Even car shipping service providers like Ship a Car Inc. also need to store their fleet of vehicles. Private storage facilities are available too, for storing extra cars where you may have to pay a little money and that may not be a very expensive option.

How can you store your car

If you want to store your extra cars safely and at the same time you like to keep them in perfect condition then by reading this article, learn how can you store your car so that it will undergo the minimum stress, wear, and tear possible:

1.     Top-off the tank

Prefer to fill your tank as much as possible. This will prevent rusting of the metal surface inside the gas tank of your car while they are exposed to air. Also, it will be possible to drive the car if necessary.

So, while storing your car you may top-off the tank.

2.     Add new oil

Normally, if used engine oils are left in the car then it may contain impurities and particulates that may damage if they are allowed to remain inside the engine for very long. So, better change the oil and also oil filter before you put your car into storage.

3.     Wash and wax your car’s exterior

When a car is stored for a long time then Dirt and grease will sit on the paint for months and that leads to damage and corrosion. If the car is waxed then a layer will be created over the paint and it can also be washed from time to time.

4.     Clean the interior

For both exterior and interior, dirt can play havoc, and hence time to time the interior can be vacuumed after removing the essential things so that dust can be removed as much as possible.

5.     Plug-up the tailpipe

By plugging up the tailpipe can prevent moisture and critters to enter the pipe and cause damage. If your car is stored for a long time in a garage then this tip will be much more applicable rather than inside any car storage facility. However, it is a smart idea.

6.     Avoid your parking brake

If you leave your car for a long time then keeping your parking brake engaged can damage the components. If your car is parked on a flat surface then rather than using a parking brake prefer to put a few wooden blocks or wheel chocks behind the back tires.

7.     Park on any plastic sheet

By parking your car on a plastic sheet, you can easily notice whether any fluids are leaking out from your car or not and you may address the problem before you go for a long drive. Also, you can prevent your floor from getting stained.