Now that winter is finally drawing to a close, it seems fitting to discuss some of the fantastic blooms that can be seen all around the globe. These lovely plants are the ones to thank for the natural beauty and subtle fragrances that we enjoy in our gardens and homes. We are fortunate to have them at the online florist KL since they serve as a magnet for a wide variety of interesting insects, birds, and mammals. If you put some thought into it, your backyard may support a mini ecosystem.

Unfortunately, as time passes, several plants have become increasingly scarce. As a result of human development, natural ecosystems are being destroyed on a massive scale, and every year we lose dozens of stunning flora. We can investigate some of the uncommon animals that, depending on your location, you might have the opportunity to observe this year.

  • Tree of Franklin

The franklin tree, also known as franklinia alatamaha, is an extremely rare species of tea tree. A wild population of this unique flower has vanished forever. The big, white petals are stunning, and the green leaves turn a fiery crimson in the fall. In the past, it thrived naturally in Georgia. However, it was extinguished in the nineteenth century, and the only reason it is still around now is because of a family of dedicated gardeners who were so fond of it that they grew it in their backyard.

  • The Jade Vine

Only in the Philippines can you find this type of pea. Strongylodon macrobotrys is the scientific name for this woody plant found in tropical forests. The flowers resemble animal claws and it grows along the sides of other trees. The jade vine is a gorgeous plant with a dazzling palette of blue greens and mint greens. Due to the destruction of its native habitat, this flower is on the brink of extinction. Many of the species that used to frequent the area and pollinate it has now perished or relocated. It’s a shame because few flowers can match its ethereal beauty.

  • Koki’o 

Kokai cookei are another endangered species, and they can only be found in Hawaii. Only three species remained on the islands when it was discovered. It did not reproduce successfully and was on the verge of extinction if not for the fact that a single branch had been salvaged and grafted onto a different group of trees. They have managed to keep going until this day. It’s a rather little tree, yet every year it produces dozens of huge, brilliant red flower petals.

  • Flora mortuary

Next up is the florist Bukit Mertajam flower that may be found in the lush tropical woods of Indonesia. The corpse blossom, or rafflesia arnoldii, seems to be rare and huge. Lacking a body, it can reach widths of over a meter. Yes, you read that correctly; there isn’t even a leaf on the stem. Though it resembles a parasite more than the usual flowers we think of, this plant is nevertheless classified as a flowering one. Because it is a carrion plant, when it flowers, it releases an odor similar to that of rotting flesh to entice carrion beetles and flies, who in turn pollinate the plant. Surprisingly, after you get over its frightening qualities, the plant is beautiful to behold.