Top 10 Effective ICO Marketing Strategy in 2018Cryptocurrency has come a long way since its inception in 2009 with the launch of Bitcoin. From being considered a geeky concept to the mainstream acceptance and adoption, the new crypto market has seen it all. However, the surge of interest in cryptocurrencies has given rise to a new language that is unique to the industry. As a result, crypto enthusiasts have created their own tone of voice, comprising of jargon and DIY slangs that are not commonly used in traditional finance. This article aims to explore the new tone of voice in cryptocurrency and help you decode this lingo.


  1. The emergence of new slang:


The cryptocurrency market has its own unique jargon that portrays its culture and attitude. The avid fans and investors of the digital currency use different terms and expressions than that of traditional finance. These slangs are used to denote various activities related to cryptocurrency. For instance, HODL, a slang for “hold” that came into existence after a typo, suggests holding a digital asset during market turbulence, foreseeing its value to elevate in the future. Another popular term is “whale,” which refers to investors who hold vast amounts of cryptocurrencies and can manipulate the market’s price. Such jargon is not only entertaining but also informative, conveying the sentiment of traders who wish to trade in the crypto market.


  1. The rise of memes:


Cryptocurrency memes have taken the internet by storm, and the crypto community has their take on pop culture as well. Crypto enthusiasts commonly use memes as a tool to express their thoughts and feelings about the market and its dynamics. For example, Elon Musk’s tweet about Dogecoin made the currency rise, generating a meme fest, showing the market’s eccentricities. The strange memes have become a way for traders to communicate with each other about the market, the volatility, and their trading strategies.


  1. The expansion of Twitter crypto community:


Twitter has emerged as the medium where investors, traders, and crypto enthusiasts come together to share their views, news, and opinions on cryptocurrency. Twitter provides them with a platform to express their analysis, discuss market trends, provide support to the novices, and create an online community. Twitter influencers, who are mostly self-proclaimed cryptocurrency experts, use their accounts to spread awareness and exchange insights about the crypto market. With the increasing interest in cryptocurrency, Twitter has become a hub for crypto-related communications and activism.


  1. The language of crypto investors:


Crypto investors often use words like bullish, yield farming, gas fees and DeFi, which are not common in traditional finance. These phrases denote the trends, prices, fees, and profits made in the digital currency landscape. Investors use these words to understand the market’s nuances, share trade insights and track the progress of their investments. The obfuscating terminology reflects the community’s uniqueness and its ability to transform traditional finance into a world where decentralized currencies reign supreme.


  1. The language of innovation


The digital currency landscape is innovative and complex, and its emerging technology requires a unique tone of voice. The cryptocurrency community is creating a new language to describe everything from blockchain to NFTs. This language enables the community to discuss and share cryptocurrencies’ functionality, educating and engaging investors, and creating a more transparent world of finance. With the increase in institutional investors investing in cryptocurrencies, the tone of voice in the industry is also evolving. Language is power, and crypto enthusiasts are taking this power to the next level, making the world of finance more understandable and approachable.


In conclusion, cryptocurrency’s growth has given rise to a unique tone of voice in the industry. In use, the language reflects the community’s social networks, perspectives, and attitudes. Understanding this unique way of communication enables one to participate in the conversations about the digital currency market and gain a deeper understanding of this emerging asset class. As the cryptocurrency market adds more investors and captures a larger market share, it is unlikely that the lingo will disappear anytime soon, so learning this jargon is beneficial to those in the world of finance.