It is very common for you to visit some coffeeshop and use its free wireless connection or public network to surf the internet from your mobile phone. But do you know that it can be potentially harmful? There is no guarantee of security on such public networks. So if you are accessing your email account using the public network, it will be very easy for the hackers to access your email or steal data. Although it is bot something that happens often, yet there is always a chance of risk, and you cannot afford to lose confidential data. So how are you planning to keep your data safe on the android platform?

VPN is the solution

VPN is the ultimate solution to all problems. It allows you to connect your smartphone to a secure connection. Actually, it has the potential to alter many things online. It can allow you to access the websites which have restrictions in your region. It can maintain the security of your data. You can even hide all your online activities by availing of the different VPN features. Speaking in technical language, the VON redirects your connection through different servers all across the world. So you will need a proxy IP address instead of appearing with your original IP address. 

The necessity of the VPN 

The chief reason for opting for the vpn android is to avail of the data security feature. Again, it will break all restrictions when it comes to watching the videos. For instance, you are sitting in the US but want to access the video that is only available in Japan. So you have to take up the IP address of japan through the VPN and then stream the video without any hindrance. Yoru online activity will be completely anonymous. You will be tricking the website into thinking that you are connecting from japan only.