‘Ready For Hillary’ PAC Merger Falls Through

Updated: August 1, 2013
'Ready for hillary'

Insiders versus outsiders and a disagreement over who made the first move. “It wasn’t necessarily a deal that could be sweetened enough for me and my team,” says HillaryFTW’s Pacheco.

Ruby Cramer, BuzzFeed

A planned merger between two political action committees competing to lay the groundwork for a Hillary Clinton presidential campaign fell through this month despite weeks of talks between the groups, BuzzFeed has learned.

Under the discussed arrangement, Ready for Hillary, the leading PAC supporting Clinton’s possible presidential campaign in 2016, would have absorbed a smaller California-based group, HillaryFTW, or “Hillary For the Win.”

Hector Pacheco, a 26-year-old attorney, founded HillaryFTW in March. He said he decided against the merger after about three weeks of talks with Ready for Hillary because of what he called “a handful of differences.”

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