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    Prophecy: Today’s News

    Chapter Three Part 5 The Black Horse On January 9, 2013, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack designated 597 counties in fourteen states as primary natural...

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    Prophecy: Today’s News

    Chapter Three Part 4 The Black Horse Lakes including the Great Lakes, streams and rivers were drying up all over the country in 2012. Barges on both the...

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    Prophecy: Today’s News

    Chapter Three Part 3 The Black Horse God will exalt us when we humble ourselves. If we do not listen to God then we will not receive His...

  • Obama Barney Fife

    Past Time to Point Out our Emperor’s Nakedness

    Obama condemned the attacks in Paris as outrageous. Yes, they are outrageous. Another outrage is our emperor’s plan to bring the same type of terrorism into our own...

  • Abortion clinics

    Whistle While You Work

    When you think of spending your time doing something fun, you might think of spending time with your family; playing or watching sports; going to a movie or...

  • Obama will stand with Muslims

    No One Cares What Barack Hussein “Don’t Jump to Conclusions” Obama Says

    Another terrorist attack and another speech by Obama basically telling people, “Don’t jump to conclusions.” He managed to say the words ‘terrorize,’ ‘terrorist’ and ‘terrorism’ in his speech...

  • Islam tradition of tolerance

    There’s a Reason Obama Calls Them ISIL instead of ISIS

    When Obama took to the airwaves Friday to talk about the Islamic attacks on Paris he used the words terrorize, terrorists and terrorism but he never used any...

  • iran

    Exploitation of Americans’ Kindness

    We can clearly see what happened to France when they took in swarms of Syrian “refugees.” What would happen if the United States doesn’t take in thousands of...

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